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The PAN Network provides: Stock & Editorial photo industry News • Jobs • Listings • People intros •  Image requests • Key staff recruitment • Image marketing • Image law • Photo Workflow • Photo Digital Asset Management • Photo Keywording • Photo Print store • Photo archive storage • Photo library valuations / Acquisition / Sales • Archival photo print sales…

If you are part of PAN you are in the PAN Network 

The table is situated at the entrance of fotofringe in the Battlebridge room. We are looking forward to meeting our readers. Over 16 years we have built a great network spanning the best people and services in the stock and editorial photo industry worldwide.
So if you are a freelance photo editor looking for your next gig or a photo agency looking to upgrade your image workflow systems come and say hello and join the PAN network.

• For picture editors and picture researchers we offer a listing on the site which gets you on our industry networking list for Job Alerts and introductions.
• For photo libraries and photo agencies we offer a listing on the site which will get you on our network for picture desk introductions and information on the best Digital Asset Management and Image Workflow solutions like keywording, scanning and storage experts.

Do come and say hello again!

fflogoSMALL2015web-1 is Media Partner to fotofringe London 2015

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Photo agency? – we have the best listed

Welcome to If you have arrived in search of stock photos for your publication or creative project please visit our Industry Links page where you will find some of the finest picture libraries, photographers and photo agencies in the world covering every image subject you could possibly require!

• Isabelle Doran, Picture Library Manager at Loupe Images told us: “yes we’d certainly like to renew our listing, we have had a few clients saying they found us from the links on the site.”
To book yours: or call UK: 07802437827

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Job: Photo Editor – The Wall Street Journal New York city photo department

spotted on the Dow Jones site

Job Description: The Wall Street Journal, the nation’s largest daily newspaper, has an exciting opening for a Photo Editor in our New York City based photo department.
What the position is: This is a rare opportunity to work with world class photographers, producing and editing visual content from environmental portraits to reportage and researching imagery from newswires to individual and historical works. A great love of photography and visual storytelling are paramount second only to your top-notch portfolio of past stories you’ve edited, produced and researched. This is a full time position in our New York City office. Competitive salary, great benefits and vacation allowance and the best group of coworkers you will ever find are all perks for the job.

Full details and to apply

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For image buyers: fotofringe London 23 April – the best photo libraries in one venue

Meet and the best photo libraries and agencies from around the globe all in one place for one day! What could be easier? Book the date now Registration for image buyers is OPEN


fotofringe London is the UK’s single most important image event for the image licensing market – and 25% of our exhibitors also license footage.
↑ 2014 event – all photos ©Robert Piwko

Our 5th annual networking day takes place on 23 April 2015, at the award-winning Kings Place arts centre in central London, just round the corner from Kings Cross / St Pancras station and Eurostar, and within easy reach of London Heathrow, Stansted and Luton airports via the London Underground, rail services, and Heathrow Express.
• fotofringe London Exhibitors who offer both stills & footage include: 123RF; Arcangel; Alamy; Allstar Picture Library; Bridgeman; Corbis; Deposit Photos; Getty; Mirrorpix; National Maritime Museum; Natural History Museum (limited); Nature Picture Library; News Syndication; Oxford University Images; PPL; Rex; Robert Harding; Science & Society; V&A Images; WENN.
• NEW: first time exhibitors to meet in 2015 include: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Historic Royal Palaces; Seasons.
• Image agencies exhibiting include: 123rf; 4Corners Images; Action Images; Advertising Archives; akg-images; Alamy; Allstar Picture Library; Arcaid; Arcangel; Arctic Photo; Ardea; ArenaPAL performing arts library; Art Archive; Ashmolean Museum; AWL Images; Bridgeman Art Library; British Library Images Online; British Museum; Camera Press; Cartel Photos; Cody Images; Corbis; Creative Image Library; Deposit Photos; Ewa Stock; EyeUbiquitous; FLPA; fotoLibra; GalleryStock; Getty Images, Heritage Images; Historic Royal Palaces; Homer Sykes’ My British Archive; IDS; Ikon Images; Image Source; John Birdsall Photo Library; LAT Photographic; Lebrecht; License Media Storehouse; Living4Media; Magnum; Mary Evans Picture Library; Mirrorpix; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; National Museum of Wales; National Portrait Gallery; Natural History Museum; Nature Picture Library; News Syndication; Oxford University Images; Photofusion; plain picture; PPL; Press Association; Réunion des Musées Nationaux (France); Rex Features; Robert Harding; Ronald Grant Archive; Rossiya Segodnya (formerly RIA Novosti); Royal Armouries; Royal Museums Greenwich (National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, The Queen’s House); Scala Archives; Seasons; Science & Society; Science Photo Library; Shutterstock; Sonia Halliday Photo Library; Steve Bloom Images; Stockfood; Stocktrec; Superstock; Tate Images; Time Inc;; V&A Images; VIEW pictures; Wellcome Images; WENN; Werner Forman; Writer Pictures.
Registration for image buyers is OPEN is Media Partner to fotofringe London
• View all fotofringe articles
• Follow our lead up to the event:

and Facebook

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Go See: Attending fotofringe London April 23? – view the AP Vietnam photo exhibit – same venue

Vietnam The Real War AP_RGB
Photo supplied: Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine-gun fire into the tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese ground troops as they attack a Viet Cong camp eighteen miles north of Tay Ninh, near the Cambodian border, March 1965. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)

As the fall of Saigon on April 30 approaches, The Associated Press is recognizing the significance of the Vietnam War with an extraordinary photo exhibit in London. The exhibit is in at the same location as fotofringe London at Kings Place. The AP photo exhibit is in the Gallery to the entrance of Guardian News & Media, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU. Admission is free. 10.00 to 18.00
“Vietnam: The Real War, A Photographic History by The Associated Press” will open April 8 at the Guardian News and Media’s gallery at its Kings Cross headquarters.

To cover the Vietnam War, AP gathered a group of superb photojournalists in its Saigon bureau, creating one of the greatest photographic legacies of the 20th century. From Malcolm Browne’s photograph of the burning monk to Nick Ut’s famous picture of a nine-year-old running from a Napalm attack, these photographs capture the experience and tragedy of people caught in a war of insurgency in which everyone was suspect.

AP won six Pulitzer Prizes for its war coverage, four of them for photography. Now, drawn from AP’s photo history of the conflict, “Vietnam: The Real War,” a selection of these images can be viewed at the exhibit; telling the human story behind the war.

“The Vietnam War left its mark on AP, taking the lives of four of our photographers, but we made an unprecedented commitment to report on it,” said Santiago Lyon, AP’s director of photography. “Thanks to an uncensored press the world saw more of this war than any other. This exhibit now allows an even wider audience access to the photographic record of the tragedy of it.”

The exhibit runs until the end of May 2015


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At Fotofringe London: Topfoto – ‘4 good reasons to make an appointment to talk to the team’

Why? We are great to work with (we hope!) and getting better all the time, and we aim at flawless service: “I bloody love topfoto, you guys think of everything!” Emma, Senior Designer, January 2015

Topfoto is a family-owned and managed enterprise (since 1927) and one of the last great independent photographic libraries.

We are a key image supplier in the UK and internationally. We are a top supplier for the BBC WW1 projects, and we routinely supply images for documentaries/dramas such as The Eichmann Show. Our customers range from makers of high street brand vintage-inspired products to suppliers of wall art for cruise ships.

We own, or represent, great photographic collections of the world: every kind of subject, style, personality and historic event, up to the present day. We have great content, from Mods & Rockers to Marilyn Monroe; Magna Carta to 9/11. We have our own exclusive material and we also represent The British Library Online; the great Russian historical collections of TASS and Rossiya Segodnya (Novosti); Roger-Viollet; ullstein; The Granger Collection New York; Alinari of Italy; PA images…

Book in to see us and set up a pricing deal: call 01732 863 939 or email We are on table BB/21, fotofringe London at Kings Place, moments from Kings Cross/St Pancras, Thursday 23 April 2015.

Meet and the best photo libraries and agencies from around the globe all in one place for one day! What could be easier? Book the date now Registration for image buyers is OPEN


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At fotofringe London: Terence Donovan collection now Exclusive at Trunk Archive

TRU1394514 TrunkonPAN

Click an image to explore and license the Terence Donovan collection at Trunk Archive or speak with Gallery Stock – table 19 at fotofringe London
Trunk Archive own photo agency Gallery Stock who will be at the fotofringe again this year, visit the Gallery Stock table for a chance to win one of three £50 iTunes vouchers.



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Mirrorpix: ‘Take a break from the day job and come along to Fotofringe!’

MirrorpixOnPAN fflogo2015

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At fotofringe London: Ikon Images – Limited edition postcards – a Prize draw …and chocolate!

Empty picture frame above bench in art gallery
Ikon Images are looking forward to meeting Picture Researchers at fotofringe London April 23rd interested in their diverse range of illustrations. Visit their table (MF/4) where they will be offering limited edition postcards, chocolate and a chance to enter a Prize Draw to win one of two Montage Frames featuring 20 unique Ikon Illustrations here …no need to make an appointment.

Meet and the best photo libraries and agencies from around the globe all in one place for one day! What could be easier? Book the date now Registration for image buyers is OPEN


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At fotofringe London: View Tate Images’ 52,000 newly digitised images

M01617_P TateImagesONPAN
↑ Photo: Unidentified boy, possibly Jimmie Deachey on Chisonhale Road c.1949-1956. Nigel Henderson ©Nigel Henderson Estate/Tate Images

This in from new PAN reader Chris Sutherns Sales Executive at Tate Images (that of the galleries Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St. Ives.)

‘Tate Images are pleased to announce the launch of 52,000 newly digitised images from Tate’s extensive Archives, featuring letters, sketches and photographs from British artists such as Barbara Hepworth, Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland and Ben Nicholson to name but a few.
Tate Archive contains a wealth of material on artists, art world figures and art organisations in Britain from 1900 to the present day.’

Over one million items that relate closely to Tate’s collection are held, including artworks, sketchbooks, letters, writings, audio-visual material, photographs, printed ephemera and press cuttings.

We are launching this wealth of new material at Fotofringe on the 23rd April and to celebrate are offering the chance to win a signed limited edition print made exclusively for Tate by Chris Ofili.

For more details please visit us at table AGF/16.

View a selection of Tate Images


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At fotofringe London: ArenaPAL – new photo collections for 2015

Image buyers make sure you head to the ArenaPAL table at fotofringe London April 23 to explore these new collections now being represented for licensing:

• Royal College of Music – Classical Music and Opera
Over 100 paintings of eminent composers and musicians, archival quality instrument photography with expert metadata description, full colour caricatures, black and white postcards, plus our ongoing digitisation scheme opens the museum’s archives to a new level of availability for professional picture buyers.

• Collection Christophel – Cinema and TV
With over 200,000 images now available (and growing) this is one of France’s largest film still libraries, charting USA, UK and worldwide cinema from the silent era to today’s blockbusters.

ArenaPAL also represent the image collections of many major cultural institutions including:

• The Royal Opera House
• University of Bristol Theatre Collection
• The Mander and Mitchenson Archive
• The Royal Academy of Dance
• Boosey and Hawkes Archive


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Read: Photo Law Specialists on Photo competitions and copyright – ‘Don’t ask for copyright’

The PAN inbox is starting to bulge with an explosion of photo competitions lately. So this timely feature by our very good friend Charles Swan a partner at the London media law firm Swan Turton aimed at anyone looking to start one, read on …

Photo competitions and copyright

Photographic competitions have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the boom in digital photography and the ease with which photographs can be communicated via the internet. They can be very effective as promotions, but the copyright issues which they raise need to be dealt with appropriately to minimise legal and PR risks.

Don’t ask for copyright

One basic mistake competition organisers sometimes make is to require entrants to assign copyright in their winning photo. From a purely legal point of view this is the obvious thing to do, but it isn’t either necessary or advisable in practice.

There are two types of photographer: amateur and professional. Their motivations are different. Amateurs tend just to want their work to be published with their name attached. Professionals also want this, but photos are their stock in trade and their pension. Copyright underpins their livelihood. They therefore have a deep seated aversion to parting with copyright.

You don’t need the copyright in a photo in order to use it for the purposes of a competition. All you need is a licence, which is simply the copyright owner’s permission to use the work. If your T&Cs include a licence to use entrants’ photos for the purposes you plan to use them for, you’re covered. If you go beyond this and ask entrants to assign the copyright in their work, two undesirable consequences are likely to follow:

You may get fewer good quality entries. Photographers who are concerned about their intellectual property rights will not enter your competition.
Your copyright terms may generate some negative PR. To see examples of this, try Googling “photo competition copyright grab”. If your T&Cs are spotted by professional photographers, word may get around that your brand is engaged in a “rights grab”, and word gets around fast on social media.
As explained above, you don’t need to risk either of these consequences by asking entrants to transfer their copyright to you because all you need is permission to use their work for whatever purposes you set out in your T&Cs.

It doesn’t make much difference if your competition is aimed at amateur photographers rather than professionals. Pros are still likely to spot any competition which asks for a copyright assignment and use social media to name and shame you. Pros resent amateurs they feel are undermining their market by giving away copyright just to get their work published.

You shouldn’t try to get around this by asking for an all rights licence instead of a copyright assignment. You will still be at risk of attack. Limit the licence you ask for to the rights you actually need.

If you want to ensure your competition doesn’t incur the wrath of professional photographers, follow the principles set out in the Artists’ Bill of Rights.

Do you need an indemnity?

Another mistake sometimes is to ask entrants to indemnify you against copyright and other third party claims. Most non-lawyers don’t understand indemnities and find the word off-putting. There are serious legal risks you need to guard against, but there are better ways of doing this.

The obvious risk with photo competitions is a third party claim against the organiser for publishing photos it had no licence to publish because the winner doesn’t own the copyright. Innocence is no defence in copyright: if you publish without a valid licence you are liable whether or not you knew you needed a licence or thought you had one.

Another obvious risk is that of a person featured in a photo turning out not to have given the entrant permission to use their image.

The best way of reducing the risk of legal claims and negative publicity is to take practical steps to check the winning photos are genuine and safe to use.

Always do a reverse Google image search against a winning photo. If the winner has taken the photo from the internet there is a good chance your image search will reveal this and you can simply disqualify the winning photo and select an alternative one.

If the photo includes a person, your T&Cs should allow you to require the winner to send you a signed model release. You can then, if in any doubt, send the winner a simple release form to be signed by the person in the photo. Of course the signed form you get back might not be genuine, but you will have taken reasonable steps to prevent a claim.

An indemnity may not be easy to enforce. Are you really going to sue if the photo is a fake and, even if you do, will the giver of the indemnity have the means to satisfy a judgment?

Also, you don’t actually need an indemnity in order to pursue a legal claim against the winner if a third party rights owner comes out of the woodwork. Your T&Cs should have included a representation and warranty by entrants that they have the right to license the image to you free from third party claims. If this turns out not to be the case, you still have a claim against them for misrepresentation and/or breach of contract. The amount you can recover may not be as much as under an indemnity, but you do still have a legal route for claiming damages.

So my advice is often not to include an indemnity against third party claims. Any indemnity you do include should be reasonable in its scope.

Charles Swan is a director of the Association of Photographers which is an Artists’ Bill of Rights Supporter. This piece was originally published Spark & Fuse The Prize Promotion Experts.

• View the Swan Turton listing on PAN
• Charles will be visiting fotofringe London


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At fotofringe London: plainpicture


plainpictureONPAN fflogo2015


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Magnum Posters

Magnum photo agency have released some of their most iconic members imagery as posters …shame one of PAN’s favourite is sold out already! Find yours here

Visit the Magnum Photos table at fflogoSMALL2015web-1

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Image Marketing: 4000 fresh US corporation contacts released via BikiniLists – Ross MacRae explains

RM_2015 bear_steak_usa fflogoSMALL2015web-1
PAN Q&A – Ross MacRae Head Honcho BikiniLists premium advertiser and fotofringe London lead sponsor BikiniLists have released a brand new (and that means untouched) marketing list covering 4000 USA corporate image buying decision makers.
When BikiniLists’ MD Ross called to tell us the news we needed to know more …read on for the full story.

What are we talking about today Ross?
Our fresh new list of photo-buyers in US Corporations… yum yum!

How did you create this list.
Our expert team of industry-savvy researchers check and call these companies to get the right contacts – so you don’t have to.

How many contacts on this list?
Currently 4,000+ Art Buyers, Designers, Marketing/Brand Managers and CMOs – growing every day…
Over 95% with verified email address – other lists providers can only boast 60%.!

Why is this new marketing list important to a picture library?
These contacts are responsible for assigning content-led projects for their brands : digital, mobile, tv, social… they need content!

How do I get marketing my images to these lists?
Sign up to BikiniUSA and get instant access to these exclusive US corporate contacts and more…
Reach out to new clients by email, print, social and telephone.

How should I best market my images via an email?
Send a clean, well designed email template showcasing your best performing “corporate” collections, include a click-through to relevant galleries on your site – then FOLLOW UP with your clickers and openers!

How often should I send a marketing email?
Every 4 – 8 weeks – as long as you FOLLOW UP. If you don’t follow up – don’t send it.

What do image buyers like to see in an email?
IMAGES! An obvious statement you may think… but some of the things I’ve seen…
Strong, arresting images – no more than 5 or 6 maximum, don’t show it all in the template, invite them to click through to see more by having a strong call to action button/link : “click to see more…”.
And make it EASY for them to register on your site.

Which recent BikiniLists subscriber marketing email stood out for you?
This email campaign ↓ from Auscape in Australia is a good example – striking images on a theme make you want to click through for more…
Simple template, gets the brand noticed, not too much for the buyers to read and obvious click-throughs.


Thanks Ross …and goodnight.
It’s always a pleasure! It may be night in Europe, but NY, Chicago, LA & Sydney are still open for business.

Get a contact marketing kit from BikiniLists by signing up here
Or speak with the Bikini team about your email marketing on 0141 636 3901 and tell them PAN sent ya.

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