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This in from Lebrecht photo library
CY000458 Young Turkish Cypriot girl fighter CY000453 Cyprus Feb. 1964, Turkish refugees
©Brian Seed

A young Turkish Cypriot woman holding a rifle in 1964 Cyprus – a stark photograph of troubled times, a face without a story …until now.

Last week Lebrecht photo library was contacted by the Australian nephew of the young woman.

He was stunned to imagine that his aunt, now in her early sixties and battling cancer, was once young and armed. Lebrecht photographer, Brian Seed, who took the picture was unaware that Aysel, 16 years old and four months pregnant, had just learned that her husband had been kidnapped in a neighbouring Greek village. She grabbed the village mukhtar’s rifle, determined to defend her home, find her husband and avenge his kidnap. This photo captures a pivotal moment in her young life and in the history of Cyprus.

Aysel never saw her husband again.

Her nephew Adem, whose father emigrated to Australia, travelled to Cyprus for the first time last year to meet the family he had never met before. His aunt had somehow found Brian’s photo and Adem tenaciously tracked down the source online. He wrote to Lebrecht: ‘Showing my father the image online, he teared up remembering his childhood on the war torn island. It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have been born in Australia, and to have been raised with such a privileged upbringing’.

Brian Seed who is now in his eighties told him: ‘I did arrive in one town – possibly that of your aunt – early in the morning. There were two bodies laying in a doorway and houses seemed to be empty’ He sent over another of his photographs of child refugees crowded into the back of an open lorry. They are now trying to ascertain if one of those little boys was Adem’s father

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Garden World Images hosts Help for Heroes garden photography workshops

fiona HelpTheHeroesONPAN
The Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Colchester, Chavasse VC House, has teamed up with photo library Garden World Images to offer Garden Photography workshops to support wounded, injured and sick serving personnel, veterans and their loved ones on their road to recovery.
Using the Heroes Garden which includes Hope on the Horizon, Matt Keightley’s silver-gilt and People’s Choice winning Chelsea Flower Show garden, the group of Heroes and a few loved ones spent a crisp but gloriously sunny morning learning camera settings and different equipment before being let loose in the wintry garden to find and photograph anything that caught their eye. The workshop was led by Tyrone and Linda McGlinchey, of Garden World Images Ltd (GWI) based in West Bergholt, Colchester. GWI is a Horticultural Picture Library which has been around for many years, supplying plant images to the media, and photographic expertise to amateur and professional photographers around the world. Tyrone “We have such passion for garden photography, and wanted to share this love of both plants and pictures with the veterans. We are very proud that our profession has the potential to assist with their recovery and we look forward to working with everyone at Chavasse House”

• Help for Heroes has four Recovery Centres around the country for wounded, injured or sick veterans and serving personnel irrespective of when they served.

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FameFlynet: Best Front Pages of the Year 2014

We asked a number of premium PhotoArchiveNews.com advertisers for their best selling image of 2014 – seems a few of them would rather go for Best Usages! Above is what we had back from John Churchill at the UK offices of celebrity photo agency FameFlynet – and they wrapped it into a Christmas card …ah!

Been a busy year at the agency John congrats! PAN

Look out for more ‘Best of 2014′ from the agencies over the next few days…

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Camera Press: Most widely published photograph 2014

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George
The photo ↑ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son Prince George and dog Lupo photographed at Kensington Palace, London, March 2014. © Jason Bell/Camera Press

The usage ↓
We asked a number premium PhotoArchiveNews.com advertisers for their best selling image of 2014.
This back from Steve Hodgson, operations director at Camera Press who said: ‘We feel that our standout image of 2014 wasn’t our biggest seller, but the most widely published – the portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their son Prince George, taken by Jason Bell. TRH chose to release the image through Camera Press ahead of their tour to New Zealand and Australia. The tour was a landmark as it was the first overseas public appearance by Prince George, echoing that of his father when he accompanied the Prince and Princess of Wales to Australia in 1983. The image was used extensively across the globe when it was first released at the end of March and still continues top be published.’

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Phil Stern 1919 – 2014 Photographer


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Notice: PYMCA launches ‘Youth Club’ charity – image library remains available and building

The photo library PYMCA is now part of a charity initiative called Youth Club. For image buyers it’s just a name change, Youth Club sits on the PYMCA url.
They say: The PYMCA team is proud to announce an exciting fundamental change as the PYMCA Archive merges with YOUTH CLUB – a non profit organisation working to encapsulate and showcase Youth Heritage in the UK.
Jon Swinstead, the energetic owner at PYMCA, told PAN this week: “I’ve broken down my business into two bits as it became obvious that commercial pressures were pulling me away from my core archiving mission. So youth club is a charity I’ve set up to preserve and share Youth Cultural heritage. This will focus on the core content preservation and education and events whilst allowing licensing, rights and other commercial exploitation of the content to remain removed enough to avoid influence but close enough to still benefit the charity.”

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Moody’s Investors Service moves Getty Images to negative from stable

Here: Moody’s changes the outlook of Getty Images to Negative from Stable; affirms B3 CFR

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Stock photo agency wins $403,500 from textbook publisher – ‘willful copyright infringement’

Copyright infringement law firm Harmon & Seidman LLC has announced: ‘Jury awards our client $403,500 for John Wiley & Son’s willful copyright infringement of six photographs’ – ‘After a six day trial, in which textbook publisher John Wiley was shown to have exceeded the limits of licenses issued by our client Panoramic Stock Images LLC, a Chicago jury found Wiley liable for willful copyright infringement and returned a verdict of $150,000 for one image, $62,500 each for four images, and $3,500 for a sixth image. Wiley argued the total award should be less than $12,500 at most because Wiley’s infringements were insignificant and mere mistakes. The evidence exposed Wiley’s widespread copyright infringements, including ongoing infringements, and Wiley’s failure to pay photographers for known unauthorized uses.’

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Mayor Darryn Lyons publishes first year in office booklet …photo packed

VisionPassionChange c9000
Mr Paparazzi Mayor Darryn Lyons who pioneered the celebrity photography industry in the UK via his photo agency Big Pictures has published a booklet celebrating his first year in office as Mayor of his home town Geelong in Australia. The Geelong Advertiser has a copy and is running a readers quiz : Take our quiz on Darryn Lyons’ Vision Passion Change booklet

• View Darryn’s busy year in office via his Facebook photo stream

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Film producer donates his entire stock footage archives to the global community

Film producer Frederick Tschernutter has donated his entire stock footage archives to the global community.
The content has been filmed with RED One and Epic cameras in resolutions up to 5K. The content is released in its RAW format, including the ability to extract millions of single frames for any use.

Full details and links on our stock footage industry news site FootageNews.com

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At the Agencies: Xmas Jumper Day for Save The Children UK – Photos

Mary Evans Picture Library takes part in the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day… more photos

↑ And a good turn out at the Corbis London office!
Ruth Ritzema sent the Corbis photos in telling PAN: ‘So far we’ve raised £189 for Save the Children with online and offline donations from the Corbis teams – Corbis Images, Splash News & Corbis Entertainment.’

Send yours to will@photoarchivenews.com

Donate: Christmas Jumper Day

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Adobe to acquire stock photo agency Fotolia – $800M cash

logo-with-text.fp-1e711c186819c1ab620043546df9ac77 FotoliaAdobeOnPAN
Adobe has announced that it has entered into a ‘definitive agreement’ to acquire privately-held Fotolia (Founded in 2004), a leading marketplace for royalty-free photos, images, graphics and HD video, for approximately $800 million in cash.’
Fotolia will be integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud, providing current and future Creative Cloud members with the ability to access and purchase over 34 million images and videos.
They say: ‘The acquisition of Fotolia cements Creative Cloud’s role as a vibrant marketplace for creatives to buy and sell assets and services as well as showcase their talent to a worldwide audience.’ Adobe also plans to continue to operate Fotolia as a standalone stock service, accessible to anyone.
“Becoming part of the Adobe family is a dream come true for the Fotolia team and will accelerate our vision to become the best place for artists to build a business and the ultimate destination for designers to find stunning creative work,” said Oleg Tscheltzoff, founder and CEO of Fotolia.
The sale is expected to be completed early 2015.

• Read how Adobe see the deal – on their blog
• View all Fotolia news on PAN

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Pôle images at the Centre des monuments nationaux now with English keywords

↑ Elizabeth II saluting veterans at the Arc de triomphe of the star on April 8, 1957 © Philippe Berthé / centre des monuments nationaux

fotofringe London 2014 exhibitor Pôle images of the Centre des monuments nationaux has announced …’In order to help you in your picture research, our database offers now keywords in English.’
Isabelle Grasswill at the collection told PAN ‘The translation of the short texts will seem probably somewhat ‘artisanal’, so all your comments and corrections are welcome! We hope, however, that this will be useful and that you will enjoy it !’
• About – The Pôle images of the Centre des monuments nationaux has a rich collection of nearly 450,000 photographs directly associated with the history of the establishment, successor to the Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites.
This exceptional ensemble of documents, regularly updated, is not only an interesting source of information for professionals working in the field of photography but also individuals, art historians, architects, etc. eager to find an abundant iconography of architecture from prehistoric sites through to the present day. The images of the monuments’ collections whether they are of paintings, drawings, sculptures, books and prints or furniture, are another significant part of the collection.

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New portfolio site: Offside Sports photo agency

Click it ↑ to enjoy a wealth of license-ready sport photography

They say: ‘This is the public site for WellOffside to provide you with just a taster of what we are about. These are just a small sample of images from the matches and events we have covered.’
• Regular downloaders for offside should still use their pro site

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User-generated photo marketplace Foap raises additional $2.3 million

User-generated photography app and marketplace agency Foap has raised an additional $2.3 million in funding.
Launched in 2012 Foap has steadily amassed an active, engaged community of approximately 500,000 total users and averages 30,000 photo uploads every week.
Lead investors in this new funding include CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk; Upshot Chairman and Protagonist LLC Partner, Jordan Rednor; CNN Worldwide President, Jeff Zucker; and CEO of Delivery Hero, Niklas Ostberg, among others. Vaynerchuk, Rednor, Zucker and Ostberg join the company’s advisory board, effective immediately. This latest investment brings Foap’s total funding to roughly $5 million, as the Swedish startup is in the process of raising its Series A round.
“I know the value of Foap’s offering firsthand, having been one of the company’s early adopters,” said Vaynerchuk. “By creating a marketplace of user-generated, authentic photography, Foap offers brands real images at a fraction of the cost of traditional stock photography but with an exponentially higher rate of engagement. Foap’s CEO David Los (photo above) is answering a crucial market need with this offering and I’m excited to be a part of the company’s future.”

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