Reuters Photographer: “fighters run for cover as a tank shell explodes…” Read the photo report

Free Syrian Army fighters run for cover as a tank shell explodes on a wall during heavy fighting

A Free Syrian Army fighter fires a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) during heavy fighting in Damascus
all photos © Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic has filed a report on the Reuters Photographers blog describing the moment he photographed Free Syrian Army fighters under attack from snipper fire which killed one man – then they were hit by a near-direct shot from a tank shell.

‘One moment, I heard two incoming shots. I was already aiming my camera on these two Syrian rebels. I heard the scream and saw one of them get shot. He was still alive as I was shooting but dying as he was carried away….. A tank fired a couple of shells onto the top of the building and rubble fell down around us……’
Read and view the images in Goran’s full report here: Deadly sniper shot through the lens

Thanks to Shannon at Reuters Pictures for the use of these images

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