PAN Interview: UK Photojournalist Andrew Cowie on the launch of photo agency – ‘Story Picture Agency’

StoryOnPAN 423282_10150623679844072_832336931_n

London based photojournalist Andrew Cowie has been on the PAN map for a few years after we met him at some gallery do. He has been shooting for top agencies including Barcroft, Eyevine, AFP and EPA. Now he is back on our radar with the launch of his editorial photo agency Story Picture Agency. We caught up with him last night for a quick word:

Why did you set up Story?
‘We set up Story Picture Agency as a hub for photojournalists to be able to portray their views on major events and stories in the UK and abroad, not just in photography, but also in sound and video. Our vision is to produce a different angle on news events and features on a multimedia platform. We will cover news stories that have a global appeal, but will mainly focus on features outside of the daily media diary, and that could encompass anything from humanitarian issues, conflict and religion to fashion, technology and science.’

‘Rick [photographer Rick Findler] and I set up Story because we found ourselves covering many of the same events on a yearly basis and felt it was time for a new venture, in-fact it was my sixth consecutive year that I photographed the Parliamentary Pancake race, and this year it did not get any better. So to push our selves and hopefully produce work that is different and creative, we started this agency. ‘

Where are you based?
We are both based in West London

How many photographers are you?
Currently we are a two man team of myself (Andrew Cowie) and Rick Findler

Are you looking for more contributors?
As soon as we have sorted out all the kinks and are happy to say we are fully operational we will look in to bringing more photographers on board, and hopefully, not just from the UK, but abroad as well.

Are you selling stories or looking for assignments?
A mixture of both. We will at first produce our own stories to sell to the Papers and Magazines, but the dream is to one day be relied upon by clients to produce stories for their publications, along with the stories and features we produce off our own backs.

What are you currently shooting?
We are both painfully awaiting the Royal Baby, and also covering the British Elections but have many features lined up. I am currently visiting every tube station in the London and documenting life underground. Rick is in talks of a possible trip to Mogadishu, Somalia for a follow up story to one he did last year with the Somali National Army and their fight against Al-Shabaab.

• Photo editors contact Story here:

All the best to Rick and Andrew, PAN will be following their progress:

Thanks to freelance picture editor Emma Georgiou for her help on this one

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Image Marketing: 4000 fresh US corporation contacts released via BikiniLists – Ross MacRae explains

RM_2015 bear_steak_usa fflogoSMALL2015web-1
PAN Q&A – Ross MacRae Head Honcho BikiniLists premium advertiser and fotofringe London lead sponsor BikiniLists have released a brand new (and that means untouched) marketing list covering 4000 USA corporate image buying decision makers.
When BikiniLists’ MD Ross called to tell us the news we needed to know more …read on for the full story.

What are we talking about today Ross?
Our fresh new list of photo-buyers in US Corporations… yum yum!

How did you create this list.
Our expert team of industry-savvy researchers check and call these companies to get the right contacts – so you don’t have to.

How many contacts on this list?
Currently 4,000+ Art Buyers, Designers, Marketing/Brand Managers and CMOs – growing every day…
Over 95% with verified email address – other lists providers can only boast 60%.!

Why is this new marketing list important to a picture library?
These contacts are responsible for assigning content-led projects for their brands : digital, mobile, tv, social… they need content!

How do I get marketing my images to these lists?
Sign up to BikiniUSA and get instant access to these exclusive US corporate contacts and more…
Reach out to new clients by email, print, social and telephone.

How should I best market my images via an email?
Send a clean, well designed email template showcasing your best performing “corporate” collections, include a click-through to relevant galleries on your site – then FOLLOW UP with your clickers and openers!

How often should I send a marketing email?
Every 4 – 8 weeks – as long as you FOLLOW UP. If you don’t follow up – don’t send it.

What do image buyers like to see in an email?
IMAGES! An obvious statement you may think… but some of the things I’ve seen…
Strong, arresting images – no more than 5 or 6 maximum, don’t show it all in the template, invite them to click through to see more by having a strong call to action button/link : “click to see more…”.
And make it EASY for them to register on your site.

Which recent BikiniLists subscriber marketing email stood out for you?
This email campaign ↓ from Auscape in Australia is a good example – striking images on a theme make you want to click through for more…
Simple template, gets the brand noticed, not too much for the buyers to read and obvious click-throughs.


Thanks Ross …and goodnight.
It’s always a pleasure! It may be night in Europe, but NY, Chicago, LA & Sydney are still open for business.

Get a contact marketing kit from BikiniLists by signing up here
Or speak with the Bikini team about your email marketing on 0141 636 3901 and tell them PAN sent you.

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PAN Interview: Susi Paz – Freelance multimedia photo editor – on using photo library websites, keywording and stock photo searches

In this latest stock photo industry interview freelance multimedia photo editor Susi tells us the functions she likes on photo library websites, what she does not like and a feature she would like to see on all sites, how she searches for the right image and how she likes to be marketed to. Enjoy the read.

Susi Paz – Multimedia photo editor / Freelance
Location: UK Wide

How long have you been a freelance picture editor?
On and off 20+ years.

Where are you working at the moment?
In an office with a nice view of the Cotswolds.

What photo projects are working on?
An LA riot book, a healthcare campaign and a private dinner speech video for a royal function.

Which photo library did you last buy an image from?
Magnum Photos

Did you speak to anyone at the library?
Oh yes :).

How was their website for search and download?
Very good.

How quickly did you get the images you needed?
Very quick.

What is the best function on a photo library website?
Download high res button.

What features do you expect from a photo library website?
A good search facility and a prominent phone number.

What feature would like to see on every photo library website?
I love placing my cursor on top of a picture to magnify it with a brief caption. I like that very much.

Do you like to search a photo library first without having to register or login?
Yes, but I understand why you have to do it. I like seeing if what I want is in the collection first and then, if the nuggets are there I don’t mind registering. I love it when you register and you instantly get access, if I have to wait then I tend to move on and leave it to last.

When did you last visit a photo library office?
Before the word social became something you did online instead of in a club, pub or by a lightbox in a picture library.

What photo subject do you struggle to find good content on?
It’s all about the keywords for me, if the keywords are right then I will find the picture.

How do you keep up to date with your favourite photo libraries? Twitter / Facebook / Newsletters?
They send me emails or tweets. I closed my facebook account, thank God!

How do you like to be contacted by a new photo library or photographer?
Phone calls or emails, I really don’t mind.

Which photo licensing industry events do you attend?
Fotofringe BAPLA, and anything that comes to the UK if it has different years in different places.

How do you remember which library has what content?
On the whole I scatter gun my searches as you find things in the strangest of places. If there is something specific I’m after, say food, I will go to the BAPLA directory to see who is on there or look at who is sponsoring these days. That’s how I found The Picture Pantry, lovely photos, really lovely photos.

If you find a a cracking image from a library you are NOT registered with and something almost similar but not quite the ticket on one of your regular libraries, what would you do?
Cracking image, every time. Otherwise that would make me very sh*t. I don’t do sh*t.

Do you use Google Images to search for stock photos?

Have you licensed a photo directly from a Google Images sources search?

Which keywords would you use to find an image of a modern looking Full English Breakfast?
Fry up or British breakfast (just in case a foreigner did the keywording).

How do you keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry?
I always read (that isn’t a licky, crawly plug, I just do). I also like looking at The Drum and newsletters from photographers’ agents.

Pub or Restaurant?
Ye Olde Pub.

Cinema or roller skating?

Printed Magazines you subscribe to?
Stack, they send me a different mag from around the World every month.

Online magazines you subscribe to?
None, I really should. But to be honest I just don’t have the time.

iTunes or Spotify?
Radio 4, darling

• You can contact Susi via her Listing
• View all PAN interviews

Thanks for your time on this interview Susi, see you again on the 23 April at fotofringe London

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PAN Interview: Craig Holmes – Partner at food stock photo library The Picture Pantry

Craig Holmes launched The Picture Pantry two years ago, and it’s doing well. We decided to find out the secret to his success.
In a short interview with Photo Archive News Craig tells us why he set the library up, what the best selling image for February was, how he markets the library, which magazines he reads, which platform he uses to listen to music and much more…

Copyright Craig Holmes/Metro Photographic TPPfinal square
Craig Holmes – Partner at The Picture Pantry
Location: Shropshire
Profession: Photographic Partner

PAN: Explain your stock photo library in one sentence.
Craig: Curated collection of beautiful food photography, perfectly styled by photographers appealing to a modern client.

When did you start the library online?
A little over two years ago.

Why did you start the library?
I personally had photographed 8 recipe books and had quite a large collection of food images that were available for stock usage, based on 15 years of photography. So I started selling my own images as stock. Sales started and I realised there was room in the market for a more ‘boutique collection’. From that point, I spoke to a few other food photographers who decided to start selling their images alongside mine – and it really went from there. I have been involved with stock for over 15 years, and really didn’t want to set up another library with millions of images at a mediocre quality – it had to be the finest quality images at a rate that actually makes photographers a living. We didn’t want any pretence to the marketing or pricing – we just wanted beautiful images that clients would want to use. Hence, The Picture Pantry was born.

What sets a specialist food stock photo library like The Picture Pantry apart from the big general libraries and your competitors?
Firstly, we curate our collection to only include photography with a modern, contemporary feel to it – and we stick to that (we only take on around 15% of photographers who apply). We represent some of the most popular food photographers and food bloggers around, many exclusively, which helps maintain that standard. We feel that compared to competitors we may have fewer images, but we make up for that in the quality of the photography. We wanted every page of images to inspire clients as they look through the site.
The ease of the purchase process, and our ‘can do’ attitude, also differentiates us. We are a small team, and if I deal with a client or photographer, I follow that through, immediately.
We ensure photographs are technically excellent – every single image is hand checked for a multitude of technical aspects.
Finally, we are honest and open with the photographers who contribute.
So, essentially, what sets us apart is our quality, at an affordable price.

How long did it take to get the Picture Pantry up and running online?
We are quite experienced at developing web systems, but we would say that developing the site and getting the first set of images ready for sale took around two/three months. Saying that, it is a constantly evolving system.

What DAM system do you use?
We use a variant of the PhotoDeck system.

How do you market the library?
Email, phone and newsletters. Although I am a firm believer in marketing touching every aspect of the business – from initial awareness of our site, to hand holding them through their first purchase. As long as we provide what we promise, then we get lots of repeat customers.

How much would a full page UK editorial magazine usage cost me?
£80 + vat

Do you have image pricing agreements with magazines or per picture?
We work with many magazines, and they all have different needs. So, we talk to them and provide a method of using images that suits their particular needs, whether that is an image pricing agreement, or a price per picture, that is up to them. We are flexible.

How do you market the library to advertising agencies?
We have been fortunate in that many seem to find us. Google has also been very kind to us in placing us near the top of their results pages for a number of food stock search terms, which has helped hugely. As a food photographer, I knew quite a few agencies already, and was able to spread the word. News travels fast in this industry, which again, has been kind to us.

How many contributing photographers do you have?
At the moment, we have 25, but do increase that number each year. Providing the photographers keep producing a viable number beautiful images, we don’t feel a huge need to increase the number of photographers, as this would simply create competition amongst each other. Of course, when we see a beautiful portfolio of images, then we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity of working with that photographer.

What is the most popular food subject stock photo?
Being honest, this varies monthly. One month it can be ingredients, then cakes, then meat….then pizza.

What was the best selling image in February?
Raw fresh meat Ribeye steak entrecote and seasoning on dark wood
Meat was a popular subject in February, like this one ↑ – click it to view image detail and to license it

Do you offer commission photography?
We undertake photography for the library here, but not for third party clients. If we get asked to undertake a commission, and we have a contributing photographer in that part of the world, we do pass the details on though.

How do you keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry?
We always catch up on (ha, good man!), and read Creative Review. Apart from that, I decided long ago that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to competitors, instead, we pay a lot of attention to customers.

When are you not at work? …
I’m always at work!

What do you do when you are not shooting food or selling images of food?
Photography… but of my kids mainly.

Pub or Restaurant?

Cinema or roller skating?

Printed magazines you subscribe to?
Creative Review.

Online magazines you subscribe to?

iTunes or Spotify?
I have had both, but am now using Google Play.

• View The Picture Pantry Industry Link
• View all Picture Pantry articles on PAN
• View all PAN industry interviews

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Q&A: Hamish Crooks – Magnum Photos – on attending Visa pour l’image Perpignan

HamishCrooksOnPAN 01_BANDEAU_US

Hamish is Global Licensing Director at Magnum Photos based in London, PAN had a coffee with him and fired a few questions about his plans for Visa pour l’image Perpignan this year including what advice he has for a ‘Visa’ first timer.

Which dates will you be attending Visa pour l’image Perpignan?
From Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th, but others in team will be there until Sunday 7th September

When did you first attend Visa?

Will Magnum Photos be exhibiting?

How many times have you attended?

Do you stay in Perpignan or travel in each day?
Stay in Perpignan

What is the main aim of your visit to Visa this year?
For me, see partner agencies and potential partner agencies and some clients, if possible. Our sales teams set up meetings with clients

How should a photographer approach you for representation?
We give them info on how apply for membership of Magnum – they apply through the photographers of the office that manages their region, so portfolio viewing would have to be forwarded through each office. We do look at portfolios in Perpignan if there’s time, but application is once a year only and better to go through Magnum photographers anyway

Are you expecting to hear anything new or innovative in the photo industry at the festival this year?

Which photo exhibition is a ‘must see’ for you this year?
Nothing is a “must see” for me. Some potentially good shows though

Any advice for Visa first timers?
See as many exhibitions and screenings as you can – gives you a chance to think of your own approach to documenting stories as many shows in Perpignan are from a similar perspective – it can spur you to widen your narrative sense and horizons. If you’re a photographer, don’t be too dismayed by the lack of clients you may get to see – It’s often easier to visit them at work. And don’t be dismayed by the number of photographers looking for work.

What is a ‘Must Do’ for Visa first timers?
Cycle or motorbike up the Pyrenees to Andorra and visit Collioure if you have spare time

• Hamish Crooks recently returned to Magnum after eight years in Product Development at Reuters Photos.
Visa pour l’image Perpignan

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Get To Know The Product: Stockbox Photo Gallery Software

StockboxOnPAN 0ce3a2b

A quick plug here for PAN listed image software company Stockbox Photo Gallery Software run by PhotoArchiveNews reader since 2001 Adrian Ellis – photo above – smart chap!

Product: Stockbox Photo Gallery Software
Contact name: Adrian Ellis
Contact email:

Explain Stockbox Photo in a sentence:
Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software provides a powerful and affordable solution for photographers or agencies to create a dynamic gallery website to showcase and sell their work online.

Q. Who should be using it?
A. Anyone that needs a full featured and cost effective solution to displaying and selling their work online.

Q. What are the advantages over a ‘pay monthly’ photo platform
A. One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to pay commissions on your sales, but you also have greater control over the content and look and feel of the gallery. We also provide custom coding to add or modify functionality for individual clients.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. You can register to purchase online via our website at

Q. How quickly can I get set up?
A. The installation is straightforward, but we offer same day, free installation of the Stockbox Photo software. Once installed, you can immediately start uploading your content and customizing the look and feel of the gallery.

Q. Do I get free upgrades to the platform?
A. Yes, the software licence is a one-time fee that includes 12 months of support and any new updates released in that period. If your free support/update period has ended, you can re-activate by paying $120 for the Pro. or $240 for the Ent. version, which will give you another 12 months of support and updates.

Q. Who’s using Stockbox Photo?
A. We have a broad customer base spread across 60 countries around the world. Some examples of customer websites and testimonials can viewed on our website.

Q. Can I upload video and footage stock?
A. Yes, you can display and sell video as well as still images.

Q. Can I license automatically on SBP?
A. Yes, the Ent. version has a Rights Managed pricing calculator that allows the purchaser to select their licence options, make the payment online and instantly download their RM image purchase. The licence options are recorded on the order invoice as well as the order manager section of the admin control panel. The instant download feature is also available for RF media as well.

Q. Who decides the licensing pricing?
A. The gallery admin is able to configure their own license options and respective pricing according to their own requirements.

Q. Do you have print affiliates in Europe?
A. We have integration with Frontline Systems to allow printing through their labs, but the admin also has the ability to easily (one click) download the order invoice and image files zipped in a single file to send to the print provider of their choice via email or FTP.

– ENDS –
• Website:
• Take a detailed look at the features page

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On Footage News: Interview: Martin Lisius Owner at StormStock

Footage News exclusive interview: Owner at Storm Stock – the ‘world’s premier collection of storm imagery, for creative professionals who demand only the best’

Name: Martin Lisius – pictured above ©Prairie Pictures
Stock footage agency: StormStock
Position: Owner

Q. What in your view is the largest hurdle when starting to offer footage stock?
Q. Which are the most regular video formats requested for license?
Q. What was your best seller this month?

read the full interview on our footage stock industry site

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Interview: Footage Manager / Bridgeman Art Library

Name: Rachel Brinton Matthews
Position: Footage Manager
Footage library:The Bridgeman Art Library

Q. What in your view is the largest hurdle when starting to offer footage stock?
Q. Is there a standard industry pricing structure for editorial and creative stock?
Q. What was your best seller this month?

Read the Q&A on our stock footage industry news site now

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Interview: Ben Jones, Head of Motion – Science Photo Library

Here is the first in a series of interviews by PAN’s stock footage industry news site Footage News called ‘Getting-To-Know-The-Library’ – more to follow – enjoy!

Name: Ben Jones
Position: Head of Motion
Stock footage Agency: Science Photo Library – SPL

Explain Science Photo Library in a sentence:
We collate and create unique, accurate and informative clips about the world around us, the processes that shape it, and the research that reveals how it works.

Q. When did you decide to start offering stock footage?
Around the start of 2007, although it had long been discussed.

Q. What was your best seller this month (MAY)?
Q. Are any of your stills contributors supplying footage?
Q. Which footage subjects are you looking to increase content in?
Click here for the full interview on

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PAN Interview: Christina Vaughan on ‘London CEPIC Week’

The CEPIC Congress is in London this year 15 – 18 May. caught up with CEPIC President Christina Vaughan to find out what’s happening for ‘London CEPIC Week’.

Name: Christina Vaughan
Business Title: Image Source Founder and CEO
CEPIC Title: President CEPIC 2009 – present

When did you first start in the stock photo industry?
I started working for The Telegraph Colour Library ( Visual Communications Group) way back in 1989.

What were you doing before that?
I graduated from the University of London in Summer 1989, had a brief stint for an American Investment Bank then joined The Telegraph Colour Library Nov/Dec 1989.

How long have you been a member of the CEPIC board?
Since I was elected President in June 2009

What other groups or associations do you work with?
I am an Ambassador for Everywoman (
A Muse for Modern Muse ( )
A member of iComp ( – the initiative for the competitive online market place )
Former Past VP – PACA (

Is there a theme for the London CEPIC Week – the CEPIC Congress?
London will be all about celebrating every aspect of our industry from the Photographer to the Client as well as looking at new media and business opportunities from video to social media. London is such a cosmopolitan city and so a very appropriate city to celebrate our very international industry!

Why did the CEPIC board choose London this year for the Congress?
We have not had a full CEPIC Congress in London yet BAPLA is one of the largest National Associations in CEPIC.
In addition, many members had asked for Congress to take place in a city that was easily accesible from all corners of the world and was also somewhere that they could also add on a few extra days of business.
In addition, CEPIC delegates always ask for a city that has a rich cultural heritage with a lot of history.
This year has the bonus of it being the Olympic Year in London as well as it being the Queen’s Jubilee Year making London even more special than usual.
Plus, to know London is to love London.

Which of the important issues facing the industry will you be covering at the Congress?
We will be dealing with latest legislation affecting our members coming out of the EU, we also have specialist legal panels on some of the very important current legal cases around IP, trademarks and copyright.
There are so many different discussions that you will see around Metadata and Image Search for both Moving and Still imagery and some great debates about the role of the agent in today’s market. We are adding speakers almost on a daily basis, so do ensure you check the CEPIC website regularly for all our updates as April is the month when you will see a flurry of updates.

How many delegates are booked in so far?
450+ from across the globe but traditionally, we get most of our bookings in the month prior to May so we will be expecting a whole lot more come May. London Congress is going to be VERY busy!

*Remember though, we have a zero tolerance policy to non-registrants so it is vital that anyone wishing to get the full Congress Programme, both Social and Professional Days must register. It’s very easy at 2012.

Why should a picture library/agency attend CEPIC Congress this year?
That’s simple – it really is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to meet, sign up and do business on an international basis. The beauty of London is that it is so accesible from all corners of the world – so delegates will see more countries than ever before. We are up on count from almost every country. Obviously, home countries always see a good turnout so expect the Brits to be out in force too. Plus, you find out all the latest news and gossip from across the globe.

In a year of global downturn does it make financial sense to come to Congress?
There are 50 half hour meetings possible during the allocated table times ( at least!). For a UK delegate paying €500 congress fee that is €10 a meeting. What a bargain compared to the cost of travelling around the world for 50 one to one meetings. Attendees should start making appointments in their diary now to maximise the best use of their time at Congress. A mix of meetings during congress day and in a social environment at night gives everyone the opportunity to have formal and informal time as well as getting to know your partners better in such a buzzy exciting atmosphere. It’s business speed dating with lots of extras. We haven’t even begun to speak about the seminars, the workshops and the presentations.

Who are the major sponsors of the Congress?
We have got quite a few and many more in the process of being signed up.
Corbis and Microsoft are just two big names but there are many more to be announced.

Any big hitters for the seminars?
Yes – watch this space – we start the reveal end of March!

What fun bits do you have planned at the Congress?
The Annual Industry Party Friday night at Somerset House followed by the secret “After Party”!
The Opening Reception
Photo Booth Tuesday night
Open House at many London agencies.

If I am preparing to attend for the first time can you give me a ’10-things-you-should-know’ guide to a successful CEPIC Congress.
1. Book a table – it gives you a point of focus and a place where everyone can find you
2. Once you register, get the delegate list and make as many appointments as you can before Congress
3. Get plenty of sleep before Congress as you simply will not stop from Tuesday evening to the wee hours of Saturday morning
4. Get plenty of business cards made – this is the Number One spot in the Industry for Networking
5. Go to ALL the social events – you will be amazed at the amount of business you get at the parties
6. Don’t even try and wing it and not register – you will look bad and unprofessional and that’s not the impression you want to give a new business partner
7. Follow CEPIC movements on Twitter, Linked In and Yammer – there’s always lots of updates
8. Be prepared to meet lots of lovely wonderful charming people – it truly is a fabulous industry
9. Come and say hello to the CEPIC President – I try and meet everyone but always appreciate people coming to talk to me
10. Smile – it’s the best ice breaker for doing new business

What new products available to picture libraries have caught your attention in the last 6 months?
The Image Source new lightbox for search comparison.

When was the last time you used a camera?

This morning on Primrose Hill.

Which magazines and newspapers have you read today?
The Guardian
Heat! ;-)

Time off: Cinema or restaurant?
Cinema then Dinner!

Ideal holiday: Beach holiday or hill walking?
Mountain or Plain scrambling – my last holiday was on horseback in Mongolia.


Be there! – Register for the CEPIC Congress now. is Media Partner to London CEPIC Week and will be reporting daily from the Congress.

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“Connecting With…. ” Alex Hewitt – Writer Pictures

Name: Alex Hewitt
Agency name: Writer Pictures
Position: Co-owner
Explain Writer Pictures in a sentence?
High quality portraits of Writers, from poets to philosophers via authors and entertainers.
Where are you based?
Edinburgh and London.
How many people in the office?
Two in the office, one in the field and a huge wealth of top quality contributors internationally.
When did you start the agency?
September 2004 when Graham Jepson and I had a conversation that went like this:
Alex: ” I’ve had an idea that I wanted to ask you about ”
Graham ” Hey, me too ”
Alex ” You go first ”
Graham ” No you go first ” …..and it turned out we were talking about exactly the same thing.
What were you doing before that?
Being a Picture Editor and Photographer in Scotland, and I still am.
How may photographers contribute to the agency?
About 30 consistent contributors, 30 more sporadic contributors and 5 major agencies.
How many staff photographers?
Four if we include those of us based in the office. It’s a cliche but we’re a photographic agency for photographers by photographers.
How many images are available as stock through your website?
About 80,000 at present but still growing fast.
Do you just cover authors and writers based in the UK?
No, we specialise in the UK but cover the industy internationally.
Are you looking for older image sets, pre 2004 – time lines and deceased authors and writers?
Yes very much so. We’re always looking for collections big and small and we find that portraits of minor figures sell just as well as the portraits of famous personalities.
Are authors and writers generally happy to be photographed?
Mostly yes, seldom no we try to be upfront and honest about what we do and place ourselves as a resource for all involved.
How long do you typically get on a shoot?
We usually ask for 20-30 mins. Less is difficult more is a blessing.
Mainly studio or improvisation?
Mainly improvised on location but we’d like to do more studio based work.
Have you shot exclusive subjects recently?
Lennoxlove Book Festival in Haddington and the Borders Book Festival in Melrose have an exclusive deal with us and we usually get some nice shots at these events as the writers are always very relaxed.
Most difficult shoot?
I’m not going to name any names but it was at the Borders Book Festival when a writer decided halfway through a shoot that they didn’t actually want to be photographed.
Favourite set of images?
We love every picture in our collection, but especially fond of both Graham Jepson’s shoot with James Ellroy and the Mathieu Bourgois shoot with the very same James Ellroy. He obviously makes a good subject!
Graham Jepson portrait of James Ellroy
Mathieu Bourgois portrait of James Ellroy
Who are you trying to photograph at the moment?
We’ve got a man in New York at the moment who we’re trying to set up some big names for. Philip Roth and Brett Easton Ellis are on the cards.
Do you book most shoots through a PR /agent or directly with the author?
It always varies depending on the author. We get a lot of commissioned work which has been previously arranged via the Publicity teams.
Any advice for a start-up photo agency?
Yes, keep your costs and expectations low and your quality and ideals high.
Writer Pictures exhibited at FotoFringe London May this year.
“Connecting with…. “ is a new series of industry specific interviews sponsored by

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Stock Photo Marketing Tips: The Biovid

Here Tom Walmsley, MD at Specialist Stock, has created a Biovid for his library site. This is a great way to market your images explaining to picture buyers your expertise on the stock you have and your company mission which will attract contributors.
Tom told PAN this morning, “The video was shot on Canon 7D with professional wireless tie mic (would use professional video camera to produce Biovid for others)
The shoot took 1 – 2 hours (had to wait for gap in lawnmowers, bird song and squirrel attacks) Post production took 2 days
Credits: Cameraman: Jon Clay and Editor: Edd Maggs Sound track: John Tuff
More from Specialist Stock on their You Tube Channel

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Get To Know: Keedup Keywording Services

Name: Kevin Townsend
Company: Keedup
Position: CEO

Explain KeedUp in a sentence.
Keedup is the keywording company you want for a quality job at moderate prices, with a can-do attitude.

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“Connecting With…. ” Siobhan Hennessy – Deputy Lifestyle Editor at Camera Press

“Connecting with…. “ a series of industry specific interviews.
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Name: Siobhan Hennessy
Picture Library: Camera Press
Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor
Location: London
Explain your job?
As deputy lifestyle editor my job involves editing ( mainly fashion and interiors), picture research for UK media ( interiors / beauty / lifestyle / food) and art-directing our own very successful lifestyle shoots.

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‘Get To Know The Product’ – Media Storehouse – Q&A: Matt Hamer

PAN advertiser Media Storehouse have recently published their latest brochure (below) explaining how to maximise your image collection by selling prints online. Media Storehouse display, print, look after customer calls and deal with payment and returns making the whole process very stress free…..
PAN spoke with Matt Hamer MD at Media Storehouse to provide you with a quick guide to how it all works.


PAN: in a sentenceExplain Media Storehouse
Matt: We provide services allowing image owners to realise revenue from their images via print, download and license sales.

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