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Footage Archive Awarded Heritage Lottery Fund Grant

The Shetland Moving Image Archive Group has been awarded a grant of £25,200 from the (UK) Heritage Lottery Fund.
The grant, along with sums raised from film screenings and a raffle, plus a matching sum from LEADER, is for phase one of the Shetland Film Archive development project.
The funds will be used to employ a Development Officer to compile a detailed plan and secure funding to establish a film archive in Shetland, as well as to deliver more local film screenings, catalogue old films, train volunteers, develop the website and establish a network of local access points where people can view digitised copies of old films of Shetland. The project hopes to begin the recruitment process in the autumn.

Archivist Brian Smith of Shetland Amenity Trust Archives Service commented “We at the Archives Service are delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund is supporting this important project. Old films are unique records of people, pass-times, events and activities from our past. It is important that we work to preserve as many of these records as possible, and make them available for viewing and studying now and in the future.”
Colin McLean, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, said: “This is an exciting project driven by Shetland’s local residents. It demonstrates how our heritage can be a living part of a community bringing people together to learn from and enjoy their shared identity. We are delighted to be giving this worthwhile venture our full support.”
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