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ITN Plans Citizen Journalism Channel For YouTube

ITN Productions is launching a new citizen journalism channel later this year on YouTube as part of YouTube’s original channels initiative. The “Truthloader” channel will showcase the work of citizen journalists from all around the world with original daily programming from amateur eyewitnesses and passionate online campaigners. The citizen journalism will be curated by social media experts and professional journalists at ITN Productions.
Truthloader will start with three distinct strands:
• A daily appointment-to-view presenter-led bulletin rounding up the day’s top citizen journalism from all over the world
• A weekly studio debate conducted over Skype and Google hangout by passionate citizen journalists
• A weekly feature showcasing content and ideas from the world of conspiracy theories
“With our track record in digital content and expertise in groundbreaking citizen journalism, ITN Productions is delighted to be part of YouTube’s original channels content,” said Mark Browning, Managing Director of ITN Productions. “There has been a huge focus on the power of online citizen journalism – from the Japan tsunami to the Arab Spring – but how do viewers know they can trust what they’re watching? With Truthloader, our experts will separate truth from fakery and bring the very best in eyewitness accounts to audiences worldwide.”
You Tube say: “YouTube Original Channels have awesome content from stars of music, TV, film, and sports, plus the world’s most innovative media brands. It’s compelling video designed for the ways people watch (and advertise) today.”