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Watch: Canon C300 Field Test – Rick Gershon MediaStorm

Straight out of the box – Rick Gershon, Director of Photography at MediaStorm, was given the Canon C300 the day before he left for a shoot, a basic set up – without any heavy instruction manual reading – resulted in a smooth day’s shooting.

They say: MediaStorm’s Director of Photography, Rick Gershon, brought the C300 to Angola to shoot their documentary “Surviving the Peace,” which follows the progress of the Mines Advisory Group as they clear unexploded ordnance.
‘This is a practical review taken from my experience using the Canon C300 in the field on an actual project. This is not a technical review. I will not be discussing the in-depth minutia of the technical aspects of this camera. Rather I will be giving real world examples of both the positive and negative aspects of the camera that I experienced while using it in a documentary setting, in very difficult conditions on a very important film.’ ….
Read Rick’s full report here: MediaStorm blog