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‘Get To Know The Product’ – Media Storehouse – Q&A: Matt Hamer

PAN advertiser Media Storehouse have recently published their latest brochure (below) explaining how to maximise your image collection by selling prints online. Media Storehouse display, print, look after customer calls and deal with payment and returns making the whole process very stress free…..
PAN spoke with Matt Hamer MD at Media Storehouse to provide you with a quick guide to how it all works.


PAN: in a sentenceExplain Media Storehouse
Matt: We provide services allowing image owners to realise revenue from their images via print, download and license sales.

PAN: When did you start the company?
Matt: Company was formed in 2003, first site was launched in 2004 for the FA cup final between Manchester United and Millwall.

PAN: What were you doing before that?
Matt: Working in Managed Services for a business only ISP. Fuji Film came to me in that role with the problem of selling Man Utd images to fans as prints and photo gifts, Media Storehouse was the solution.

PAN: Where are you based?
Matt: In the London area or anywhere with an internet connection.

PAN: Who buy’s from Media Storehouse?
Matt: The prints are primarily bought as gifts (Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Leaving presents, etc) and for interior decoration, also by collectors and enthusiasts. Since we ship worldwide we get traffic from all over, we put a lot of work into maintaining good search engine positioning.

PAN: Who has a print store.
Matt: We run sites for over 100 clients, 50 plus image libraries (including 26 BAPLA members), 20 plus football clubs, 10 other sports organisation (rugby, horse and motor racing) and a number of Museums and publishers.

PAN: How do I set up a print store?
Matt: We do all of the work for this, from building the site to taking the order and sending out the finished product. All you need to is send us the images, either online by ftp or browser, or send us a disk. Once the site is up and running you can easily manage your images, arrange them into galleries, customise the front page, and so on.

PAN: Do you hold my Hi-Res files?
Matt: We do as we need them for print fulfilment and to automatically create product previews, watermarked images, etc, for display on your site.

canvas1a.jpg frame1a.jpg
keyringa.jpg tshirtab.jpg
PAN: What products do you print to?
Matt: At the moment the product range consists of photographic prints, framed prints, stretched canvas and photo gifts (mugs, mouse mats, t shirts etc.). We are also working on expanding our range to include posters, calendars, greeting cards etc. Our partners choose which products they want to offer to their customers.

PAN: Who sets the product prices?
Matt: Our partners do, we can our course provide some help with this.

PAN: Do I have to edit my collection?
Matt: You have to ensure that you have the rights to sell the images you give us in your chosen product range. Only uploading what you consider are the best images is sometimes counterproductive as it’s difficult to second guess which images customers will actually want. What we usually suggest is that you make available all of your images but highlight the particularly attractive ones in galleries.

PAN: How much will a print store cost me?
Matt: We work on a profit share basis so once you are up and running it can only make you money, there are no ongoing costs.

PAN: What’s in the contract?
Matt: Nothing unusual.

PAN: What do you need from me?
Matt: Signed contract, what products you want to sell and the prices you want to charge and the high res images and meta data.

PAN: Do you handle licence requests?
Matt: If this is enabled then the system handles these otherwise we forward them on to our partners.

PAN: How quickly can I get online?
Matt: As quickly as you return the contract and images.

PAN: I have my collection with another print store provider is that a problem?Matt: No, we already work with a number of partners who have their images elsewhere.

Thanks Matt
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