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Image Marketing: 4000 fresh US corporation contacts released via BikiniLists – Ross MacRae explains

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PAN Q&A – Ross MacRae Head Honcho BikiniLists premium advertiser and fotofringe London lead sponsor BikiniLists have released a brand new (and that means untouched) marketing list covering 4000 USA corporate image buying decision makers.
When BikiniLists’ MD Ross called to tell us the news we needed to know more …read on for the full story.

What are we talking about today Ross?
Our fresh new list of photo-buyers in US Corporations… yum yum!

How did you create this list.
Our expert team of industry-savvy researchers check and call these companies to get the right contacts – so you don’t have to.

How many contacts on this list?
Currently 4,000+ Art Buyers, Designers, Marketing/Brand Managers and CMOs – growing every day…
Over 95% with verified email address – other lists providers can only boast 60%.!

Why is this new marketing list important to a picture library?
These contacts are responsible for assigning content-led projects for their brands : digital, mobile, tv, social… they need content!

How do I get marketing my images to these lists?
Sign up to BikiniUSA and get instant access to these exclusive US corporate contacts and more…
Reach out to new clients by email, print, social and telephone.

How should I best market my images via an email?
Send a clean, well designed email template showcasing your best performing “corporate” collections, include a click-through to relevant galleries on your site – then FOLLOW UP with your clickers and openers!

How often should I send a marketing email?
Every 4 – 8 weeks – as long as you FOLLOW UP. If you don’t follow up – don’t send it.

What do image buyers like to see in an email?
IMAGES! An obvious statement you may think… but some of the things I’ve seen…
Strong, arresting images – no more than 5 or 6 maximum, don’t show it all in the template, invite them to click through to see more by having a strong call to action button/link : “click to see more…”.
And make it EASY for them to register on your site.

Which recent BikiniLists subscriber marketing email stood out for you?
This email campaign ↓ from Auscape in Australia is a good example – striking images on a theme make you want to click through for more…
Simple template, gets the brand noticed, not too much for the buyers to read and obvious click-throughs.


Thanks Ross …and goodnight.
It’s always a pleasure! It may be night in Europe, but NY, Chicago, LA & Sydney are still open for business.

Get a contact marketing kit from BikiniLists by signing up here
Or speak with the Bikini team about your email marketing on 0141 636 3901 and tell them PAN sent you.