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PAN photo Feature – ‘The View From the MD’s Desk’ – continued

First published in 2010 and back due to demand we are firing this up again – Below: Graham Cross at photo agency Eyevine sent us this from his files: ‘and a late edition for the office desk feature – Perpignan Visa Pour l’Image 2012 – eyevine wifi hub….’

View the 2010 PAN photo feature The View From The MD’s Desk and send your photos to – cheers!

PAN is taking you into the agencies – For our latest feature we have been asking Managing Directors of photo agencies and picture libraries across the globe to send a shot of their desk…here they are:

Desk owner: Martin Stephens MD at Press Association Images, Nottingham ….see he has PAN open on the laptop..good man!
UPDATE 20 Aug – a few more desks in overnight….more arriving today!

Graham Cross MD at Eyevine, London …..not sure I can see your desk in the reflection Graham?!

Desk Owner: Stephen Mayes MD at at VII Photo Agency, New York …healthy chap!

Desk owner: Brenda Marks MD at Skyscan Aerial Photo Library, Cheltenham UK
…and under the desk…….

UPA Photo Desk.jpg
Desk owner: Robert Goddyn MD at Robert Goddyn Photography, Netherlands ….Mac’d up!

– UPDATE 2pm 19 Aug – latest desk’s just in –
David Jacobs MD at London Features International LFI, Portugal….guess STILL on holiday then!

Desk owner: Trevor Adams Director at Matrix Photos, London …guitars?

– Desks posted first thing this morning 7am 19 Aug –
Kevin Smith owner at Splash smudged at his desk in his UK ‘country retreat’ yesterday

Desk Owner: Jason Hawkes of Jason Hawkes aerial photo library, London – note iPad, centre

Desk owner: Stewart Mungeam Director at Gallery Stock, London…he’s had a tidy up!

Desk Owner: Alan Smith MD at Topfoto, Edenbridge UK…the email is open on that screen!

Desk owner: Tom Walmsley MD at Specialist Stock, Bristol UK….nice location Tom!

Desk Owner: Hamlet MD at UNP, Saltaire UK – note all the world clocks

Mark Leech (left!) MD at Offside Sports Photo Agency….umm Mark, that’s not work now is it?!
More desks arriving – will post them as we get them!