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Unpublished photo features required – WIRED magazine

WIRED magazine is looking for photo features – RELEVANT to the magazine.

Kate Barrett, Acting Photography Director at the magazine in the UK, told
“I’m looking for unpublished photography features to consider for publication in WIRED. Single images or very long stories won’t work in print for us.  They must be of relevance to wired magazine and their readership – if people haven’t read us before, if they could please investigate online to see if it’s right for us.” 

Please read this –… then email Kate here – and tell her you spotted this on PAN Thanks.

PAN note: This is not a general invitation to show your wares…!
Here’s the thing, if a photo editor makes a request like this it’s simple – give them what they ask for! Don’t start sending your portfolio or photo library site or links to sections of your site and your availability – it’ll be binned.
If you do not have anything relevant don’t send anything – it’s simple!

• Photo desks and photo directors: Here at I am trying to help freelance photographers and stock photo libraries stay busy through these uncertain times – please send your photo needs – we have many keen photo agencies and pro photographers reading the site worldwide and daily. Email photo needs to me It’s free.

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