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1 Picture researcher, 18 months, 3000 images sourced, 35 contributors, 300 images used = 1 book

100 Ideas That Changed Street StylepageOnPAN
From the book Northern Soul: images on the left are by Rebecca Lewis, on the right Ewen Spencer

↑ Terrific work here by PAN reader Tom Broadbent who has completed the full picture research job on this new book ‘100 Ideas That Changed Street Style’ published and released by Laurence King this week.
Tom has written about the project on his blog: “100 Ideas That Changed Street Style is published by Laurence King today, and as the Picture Editor, I’m very proud of it!!”…
“I was originally commissioned by Laurence King in August 2012, via Linked-In, you see Linked-In does have some purpose after all!” …Read on here

100 Ideas That Changed Street StyleOnPAN
Cover (Toms working copy): 100 Ideas That Changed Street Style – Get your copy Here

Collect ours when we see you Tom!