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500px launches Paid-For picture research/shoot service

Photo agency 500px is providing a new (paid-for) service to it’s photo buying clients – they can now pitch a photo brief which 500px who will then push to it’s contributing photographers who in turn can submit images to fit. – it’s called 500px for Business
Here’s one happy client: “When Lonely Planet redesigned our destination pages, we wanted to make sure the images we used were new to our audience, compelling and inspired travel to each destination,” said Josh Vogel, Lonely Planet’s Digital Content Manager. “That would require time and resources commissioning thousands of photos. 500px for Business effectively managed this process for us, allowing us to quickly and affordably refresh our website with engaging imagery.”

Here’s the detail:
500px for Business draws upon its eight million global photographers to make on-demand photography available and affordable on a scale never before possible. Now, regional, national and global brands can – in a matter of hours – mobilize hundreds or thousands of photographers internationally against a custom creative brief, at a cost comparable to buying stock imagery. They can then pick from hundreds to thousands of bespoke images, including 360-degree photos, in a matter of days or weeks, and test those images for customer response.

500px makes the client experience easy and offers guidance through the process:

Create: The client creates an Assignment brief, which includes details of what is to be shot, specific locations, time slots for shooting, deadlines and a budget allocation. 500px then matches the project to vetted photographers regionally or internationally.
Capture: Photographers from L.A. to Thailand submit custom shots if they accept the assignment. With millions of photographers from around the world, almost every city in the world can easily be covered. Photos can be purchased for exclusive use by the client if desired.

Curate: The client reviews all images in the dashboard and chooses the best ones for immediate use and testing. Creative teams can use a collaborative dashboard to organize, select and test imagery.

Convert: Once a set of effective images is chosen, customers can add a snippet of web code to their website. The images are then cycled through on the customer’s site, tagged with the action desired, be that click, purchase, etc. Those photos that achieve that goal stay in rotation, while others are dropped.

Pricing: 500px for Business engagements start at about $3,000 USD per month and up, depending on scope.

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