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6 anticipated stock photo trends for 2017

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Photo supplied: Mads Perch / Getty Images

Over at Getty Images HQ they have been crunching image data and watching the marketing world to arrive at their anticipated visual trend forecast into what creative image buyers will want in stock photos next year.

They say: The six themes forecast by Getty Images’ global team of visual anthropologists and art directors, are identified through extensive research and the company’s unique access to, and analysis of, imagery in advertising, pop culture and the changing behaviours of consumers and society globally. This is further augmented by Getty Images’ own search and image data from the 400 million downloads from its website each year. All of these data points are then analysed to create a holistic view of the imagery techniques and styles expected to make an impact in the year ahead.
The 2017 trends identified by Getty Images’ visual trend experts are:

1. Virtuality: Technology is increasing the size of our world, expanding our senses and allowing us to move beyond two dimensional imagery and into visuals that surround and immerse us.
Technology and imagery are converging at an apex that will take the power of storytelling to an infinite level. In harnessing VR, brands will effectively immerse us in their story, developing highly emotive shared experiences that will extend the consumer’s connection to a brand beyond its products and services.

2. Gritty Woman: There’s a new woman on the scene, and we’ve seen her emerge from a confluence of other trends we’ve identified over the last five years. She’s smashing conventions and tearing down walls, more concerned with what she can do than with how she looks. She’s tough. She’s tenacious. She’s laser-focused and unafraid to get her hands dirty. She’s not to be crossed, overlooked or underestimated, and she will fight for her beliefs without apology.

3. Unfiltered: Challenger brands are adopting the aesthetics of photojournalism to connect with younger consumers and bring a raw, spontaneous edge to their storytelling. The Unfiltered trend is the antithesis of glossy advertising; it illustrates a new direction in commercial photography, a move towards a more documentary aesthetic. It opens up a dynamic new method of image-making which cuts through the noise, and makes consumers sit up and take notice.

4. Colour Surge: Colour is no longer one component of an image; it has become the star. Our growing visual sophistication allows us to use colours in ways that break the rules and embrace unnatural combinations. The Colour Surge trend highlights the ability for image–makers to liberate themselves from traditional colour use, or the accepted theories of “what something should look like” and allow colour to drive the design and dominate the composition.

5. New Naivety: Increasingly savvy consumers are shunning the overly curated approach which the early forms of social media engendered, and are embracing a loose and irreverent touch. Brands are also jumping on board. New Naivety is about embracing visuals that are spontaneous and playful, and at times uncomfortable. It’s about imagery that is not always “on brand,” and has an offbeat – even awkward – spirit. It’s time to get weird and unpolished, and make people laugh while doing so.

6. Global Neighbourhood: The ever-increasing circulation of people, goods and information around the world is having a transformative effect on society and has the potential to change the way we see ourselves. Global Neighbourhood is about embracing this state of flux, as our collective cultural identities will be less about where we are and more about what we believe and who we connect to. Cross-cultural and socially borderless imagery will become more prevalent as brands learn to change and respond to our increasingly complex consumer identities.

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