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Agency Launch: Institute

Frank Evers and Matt Shonfeld have launched the INSTITUTE for Artist Management (IAM), an artist management and a multi-platform production company representing leading visual artists and storytellers from the world of photography and documentary filmmaking. INSTITUTE is based in Los Angeles, New York and London.

INSTITUTE is dedicated to supporting its artists, and their key partners around the world, towards accomplishing their personal visions and professional goals.
INSTITUTE artists are all engaged in important long-term, creative projects,
which require the engagement at multiple levels of international partnerships, and involve a wide variety of funding entities, book publishers, fine art galleries, media companies, cultural institutions and foundations. INSTITUTE’s primary mandate will be to help produce, to distribute and to leverage the artists’ work and partnerships, and use the resulting synergies to ensure the broadest and most successful communication of the artist’s work.
INSTITUTE is committed to bringing its expertise and understanding of the international, multi-platform media market, to its commercial and editorial clients. Given the de facto reality of the print, television, web and mobile paradigm that we all live in, the client side of the equation is increasingly interested in integrated multi-platform content solutions. INSTITUTE’s in- depth and unique background in a wide variety of media production, positions it perfectly to combine the talents of its artists with the increasingly complex needs of its clients. Furthermore, the international reach of our key members enables us to collaborate on projects in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
The INSTITUTE artists listed below are among the most talented visual
image-makers working today, producing works in photography and film.
From its directors who represent the finest in the documentary filmmaking
tradition, to its photographers who rank amongst the most important visual
artists of our time, INSTITUTE artists are continuing to produce bodies of
work which offer profoundly illuminating insights into the human condition.
Jodi Bieber
Rena Effendi
Lauren Greenfield
Rob Hornstra
Nadav Kander
Gillian Laub
James Longley
Gerd Ludwig
Joshua Lutz
Amanda Micheli
Richard Mosse
Zed Nelson
Jehad Nga
Simon Norfolk
James Pomerantz
Paul Shambroom
Not all of the artists are exclusively represented by INSTITUTE.