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“Ask James” part 2 – Alamy CEO opens the contributor Q&A line again

James video-caming answers to contributors questions

In June this year Alamy CEO James West opened a Q&A feature allowing Alamy contributors to submit a question which he then answered via a series of video’s…that went well, so, James is now up for another round of questions.
Alamy say: He’s back. It’s the second installment of our “Ask James” feature, where you get the chance to ask the big boss at Alamy anything you like. If your question hasn’t been asked before and isn’t about the meaning of life then chances are it will get answered. James West will be answering your questions via a video recording direct from Alamy HQ. We’ll be recording it week commencing 23rd September which means you’ve got 7 days to get your questions over to us.
Details of the new Q&A here | Watch the first round of video answers here