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BAPLA AGM: New Committee – New Structure – Paul Brown Steps Down

Below is the new line up for the BAPLA The British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies executive committee announced at their AGM in London last night:
Mary Egan – PA Photos
Tim Harris – Nature Picture Library
Steve Lake – 4 Corners
Isabelle Doran – Loupe Images
John Balean – Topfoto
Victoria Bridgeman – Bridgeman Art Library
Elbie Lebrecht – Lebrecht
Paul Seheult – Eye Ubiquitous
Alison Crombie – Getty Images
Chris Tole – Corbis
Lynne Bryant – Arcaid
Barry Pickthall – PPL

Stepping down from the old committee were:
Catherine Draycott – Wellcome Images
Pandora Mather-Lees – Bridgeman Art Library
Paul Brown – Mary Evans Picture Library

Paul Brown © Crispin Hughes for BAPLA

Paul Brown (MD at Mary Evans) stepped down after six years as BAPLA Chairman and thirty years on the committee. Paul told “I am very sad to be stepping down from the committee but work commitments mean I simply can’t afford the time that is required to do justice to the role of Chairman any longer. However, I am still totally committed to supporting BAPLA, which is more important now than ever before and I am glad to see it in such good hands with a well-balanced and very experienced new board. Mary Evans Picture Library will continue to support BAPLA as a regular member and lend support on sub-committees as required.”
With Paul stepping down as Chairman, the BAPLA Board has taken the opportunity to re-structure the Officer roles and the work of Chairman will be split between the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary in the future, with the latter two effectively assuming Vice-Chairman roles. As per BAPLA statutes, the BAPLA Board will appoint the Officer roles at the first Board meeting which will take place in the next couple of weeks. This is a very positive step for BAPLA which, by spreading the Chairman’s role over three people will enable more to be done in the future while putting less work on any one individual.

A new BAPLA Chairman is to be announced