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‘Black Friday’ opportunity – save 20% on marketing lists

This in from Ross MacRae at contact list provider BikiniLists:
Celebrate Black Friday 2013 with our biggest coupon code ever and never find yourself short of leads again!

Here at BikiniLists, our highly-trained researchers make thousands of calls, browse multiple trade publications and scour hundreds of websites every month to catalogue over 50,000 creative contacts (spread over 5 continents!) that need your talent.
This is a monster list of Art Buyers, Art Directors, Designers, Photo Editors and Art Buyers – that we’ve put together – so you don’t have to.
So, instead of running out of work this month, sign up for a free BikiniLists account before November 29th and save a whopping 20%* on sign-ups with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13.

Happy Shopping,
Ross MacRae MD,