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Bloomberg Global Photo Editor Rounds Up The Agency’s Photography 2012

above: Rebekah Brooks, former head of News Corp.’s U.K. publishing unit News International, leaves after appearing at Southwark Crown Court in London, on June 22, 2012. Jason Alden/Bloomberg
…’Alden describes finding a vantage point amid a media scrum with jostling photographers, a stepladder tumbling over and one crucial moment: “She looked up as I called to her… reader Natasha Cholerton-Brown, Global Photo Editor Bloomberg News in New York, sent me a link to her article rounding up the photography year at the news agency. Natasha told me: “One other piece of information I wanted to share in that article, with respect to how we approach our subject topic, is: We [Bloomberg] constantly trying to shoot images that add value to our stories/archive/business but it is also critical for our clients — consumers of business/financial news that we really give them added context to a story. Many of our clients are global organizations with a vested interest in, say, the price of corn. So when we are struck by drought as we have been this year in the midwest, to be able really show them honestly how bad it is, along with presenting facts, figures and supporting data etc, is critical. If we do this well, our clients become more informed and able to make better decisions on their investment. It is a concept/approach that is not always so important in other genres of photography.”
Read Natasha’s article here: From Facebook IPO to Tsunami, Bloomberg Best Photos 2012

Jason Alden is a winner at the UK Picture Editors’Awards 2012
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