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Call for submissions: DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards 2014

↑ “Contemplations of the Heart Toward the Deceased” Photo by Shuzo Shikano(Kyodo News)

DAYS JAPAN invites photographers and journalists throughout the world to take part in the 10th DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards. First prize in the last years awards was won by photographer Goran Tomasevic (Reuters) ..view the 2013 award winners list here.
Call for Entries:
Theme of Defending and Advocating Dignity of Human Beings and Nature
The awards are held by the monthly photojournalism magazine DAYS JAPAN. They say: “We have never changed our policy – telling the truth from the side of victimized citizens. Renowned photographers from around the world contribute to our magazine, risking their lives for a single shot.”
The Judges:
・Renée C.BYER (Photojournalist)
・John G MORRIS (Photo Editor of LIFE, MAGNUM etc.)
・Jean-François Leroy (Director and Founder of VISA)
・Keisuke KUMAKIRI (Photographer)
・Yoshino OISHI (Photojournalist)
・Kayoko IKEDA (Writer/Translator)
・Yoji YAMADA (Film Director)
・Tokiko KATO (Singer) and
・Ryuichi HIROKAWA (Photojournalist/Editor in chief, DAYS JAPAN)
The Details:
Entry fee is free – We accept photographs taken between January 2012 and December 2013.
Entries must be sent BY POST to DAYS JAPAN in Tokyo, Japan by January 15, 2014 with a completed entry form that you can download from our website. We do NOT accept entries by E-mail.