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Cartham – Search for stock photos directly from PAN

Cartham -search directly from PAN

Cartham is a new photo search platform initially featuring stock photos – it’s in Beta testing/evolving currently but we thought we’d do a soft-release to the world really to build content.

Cartham will not be licensing photos – just marketing them through our network which includes the vast worldwide reach of  pro image buying readers of

There is a cost to have your images marketed on Cartham  – it’s £750 a year up to 1M images –  £600 a year if you sign up with us this month – October 2017.
Oh and another thing …a launch feature of the site is the image recognition and tagging we embed for every image represented on the platform.
We don’t want any HiRes images  – a jpg 600 pixels wide at 72dpi will do on FTP or hard drive/disc.
If you would like to include your images at the beginning of this journey we’d welcome you – or give me a call on my usual PAN number here

Will Carleton

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