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Celebrity Photos With ‘A Twist’ Now Available To License

Photo: Internet photoshop pranksters at PlanetHiltron turn Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie into ‘ordinary people’

World celebrity news and photo agency WENN are now representing viral virtuoso Planet Hiltron.
Planet Hiltron – the professional name of graphic genius Danny Evans – creates celebrity images with a twist.
They say: He adds a few pounds here and there, removes some hair, adds bad make-up and more…… create images of celebrities as you’ve never seen them before.
Evans recently told the Daily Mail, “Basically just stripping away their cool personas I always find it interesting to see what’s left after the Hollywood has been scrubbed off. My intention wasn’t necessarily to age them, but to strip them of their ‘Hollywood’ facade. That has more or less been my general goal with this series all along.”
Lloyd Beiny, CEO at WENN told “WENN is delighted to represent Planet Hiltron/Danny Evans. His creativity has come to the fore of late with his finely crafted images becoming a viral legends. We are pleased to add Danny to our ever-growing roster or creatives whose work deserves wider recognition.”