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Copyright Bill: BAPLA and Bridgeman get mentions in the House of Lords

The House of Lords discussed the Copyright debate on Monday this week, Viscount Bridgeman was there….

Viscount Bridgeman: My Lords, I declare an interest as a director of the Bridgeman Art Library, of which my wife is the founder and chairman. I shall speak to Amendment 28DZA in support of the noble Lord, Lord Stevenson, and my noble friend Lord Clement-Jones. The noble Lord, Lord Howarth, has reminded us of the history of the 1988 Copyright, Design and Patents Act. It goes a great deal of the way to protecting the rights of copyright owners,……

Lord Clement-Jones:….”For those who make photography their life’s work, protecting their copyright goes beyond the emotive; it is their livelihood. Without adequate protection the photographic image-tomorrow’s cultural heritage-and those who create it will cease to have true value, and without adequate protection a profession dies. Photographers are concerned that, in the digital age, information supplied with the digital image about copyright and the creator is stripped away, often automatically, so that in a matter of moments the world is awash with ‘orphan’ images”…..
BAPLA Tweeted: ‘BAPLA gets a mention from Lord Greenaway during latest Lords Copyright debate 28 Jan. Thanks also to Lord Clement-Jones’
Read the transcript of the debate here Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

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