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Updated; Copyrights To Clear – Various Photo Collections

27 Aug:
“Hi Will,
I am the archives manager for Bauer Consumer Media, based in Peterborough.
I have just seen on the Home page of the Press Photo History site that Mr Baz Staple is looking to contact the copyright holder for Temple Press.
I believe it is us!” …continue this update at the Press Photo History Project

Aug 08:
Hi Will
To sum up our situation I will be the editor of a book to be published early next year called The Story of the Sunbeam MCC’s Pioneer Run®. The publisher will be the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club Ltd. who have run the ‘London to Brighton’ Pioneer Run for pre 1915 motorcycles and three wheelers continuously from 1930, with the exception of the war years.
We wish to use the following photographs, the originals of which are in our archive –
Full list on the Press Photo History Project now