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Corbis acquires Plaid Social Labs

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Corbis announced this week that it has acquired Plaid Social Labs, a leading product integration agency focused on online video and social media platforms. As part of the announcement, Corbis will launch a new Digital Channel within Corbis Entertainment’s Branded Entertainment Network (BEN), the interactive platform it launched in May 2014 that provides global brands and media buyers with end-to-end access to Film, TV, OTT, Digital, music video and celebrity product placement opportunities. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
“Consumer viewing habits are changing dramatically as more and more young people are turning to digital and social media celebrities on YouTube, Facebook, Vine and other platforms for their entertainment and information rather than traditional film and television,” said Gary Shenk, Chief Executive Officer of Corbis. “The challenge for brands and advertisers is how to connect with these young people in a meaningful way that is true to the brands and the personalities involved. Ricky Ray Butler and the team at Plaid Social Labs have pioneered product integration in online video and the social media sphere. They have rich relationships with digital influencers and social media celebrities across leading platforms based on authenticity, trust and credibility. They use extensive, proprietary data and analytics to target the right products to the right people and provide measurable and quantifiable results for brands, advertisers and content creators alike.”