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Documentary: Under Fire: Journalists In Combat

In cinemas across America at the moment – Under Fire: Journalists In Combat – is a documentary about the psychological cost of covering wars.
They say: ‘Only two journalists were killed in World War I. Sixty-three journalists were killed in World War II. In the last two decades almost a journalist a week has been killed, with the dead numbering in the thousands. The conclusions are obvious. Journalism in times of war has become an increasingly lethal endeavor – and extremely traumatic – as journalists are now viewed as natural targets by combatants; subject to kidnapping, torture and even beheadings. With journalists facing these new realities, UNDER FIRE weaves together combat footage and first-hand accounts by the journalists who were there to reveal what they see, think and feel as they confront the physical danger and savagery of war’.
Watch the trailer above – read a review from The Hollywood Reporter. We will let you know if it get’s released outside the US.