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Dreamstime will not accept images or footage from the Quatar World Cup

Stock photo agency Dreamstime has announced that it will not accept images or footage from the Qatar World Cup in its editorial section. The agency explains that well-documented human rights concerns and the migrant workers’ status and conditions in Qatar have led to the decision to boycott this year’s top sports event.

This from Dreamstime, Despite Qatar’s upheaved economic growth, the poorly addressed modern slavery allegations, repression of journalists, widespread gender discrimination along with safety concerns raised by women football fans and the LGBT community overshadow the Qatar Cup, and the agency will not feature or license related visual content. Dreamstime advises its contributors not to upload photos or footage from the 2022 tournament should they travel to Qatar but rather share awareness visuals that reflect local sensitive social topics instead. In addition, the agency will curate Qatar World Cup-related media submitted before November 20 and keep only generic photojournalistic content.

Joining the boycott gestures worldwide, Dreamstime does not wish the event to be canceled but expects the absence of football-related visuals from the Cup itself to leave room to address the controversies surrounding it and showcase Qatar in a more comprehensive picture. The World Cup comes with great mutual opportunities, benefits, and promises, and this exchange of ideas and commercial assets should not be dismissed. Still, it should motivate and help a country that made significant steps forward to continue reforms until they are on par with the contemporary requirements of such world-class events.

Businesses can and should generate a positive impact on society, whether by corporate responsibility, philanthropy, or taking a stand. Despite recent lamentable calls to stick to just sports, Dreamstime believes it is essential that more rise to the challenge of sending a message and opening honest, constructive dialogues on social and environmental issues as often as possible.

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