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Encyclopaedia Britannica teams RF library Binumi = new video story telling platform

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Encyclopaedia Britannica and Binumi (video creation and content platform) have teamed up to bring video storytelling into Britannica’s global product lines with their first product LumieLabs™.

They say: Named after filmmaking pioneers the Lumière brothers, LumieLabs gives K-12 school users millions of royalty-free multimedia clips structured around the curriculum, cloud-based editing and secure video hosting and sharing. Other products are slated to be announced by the partnership later this year.

“We’re focused on enabling students to develop critical skills – curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication – that instill lifelong learning agility and prepare students for challenges and opportunities the fast-paced disruptive world throws at them. LumieLabs is our next generation platform that helps students develop and hone these critical skills,” said Karthik Krishnan, global CEO of the Britannica Group. “An ability to communicate effectively in the digital world is now essential. Developing that ability while also allowing for better engagement and promoting deeper learning is revolutionary. We’re excited to collaborate with Anthony and the Binumi team to inspire digital storytelling globally.”

“We’re passionate about helping businesses, educators and students to tell powerful video stories at scale,’’ said Binumi CEO and founder Anthony Copping, “We’re very excited to be partnering with Britannica and helping them emerge as the global leader in the world of video storytelling.”

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