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Event Photos: Image researchers’ pub lunches with Lola Clips

South London creative brains buzzing over a Lola Clips lunch! Dom and Sandra are back L&R

PAN noticed this refreshing move by one of the most creative teams in the footage clip licensing area – Sandra and Dominic at Lola Clips – they are on the road around the UK visiting researchers by county where they invite a small group to a pub local pub lunch. The only catch – you have to agree to a group selfie shot for their social media as you can see above and below. They land in Kent in October and PAN has been invited, Cheers!

Sandra told PAN: ‘DM us on social media and then we try and organise a few other researchers in their area.’

‘Lovely to catch up with the North London crew!’
Oxford with the archive masters – @lewishare99 @markt_62
Lunch at Whitelock’s Ale House in Leeds. At over 250 years old. This pub is positively a teenager compared to the combined years of archive experience in this lot in this photo! Absolutely delighted to have a #keepitlocal lunch with the cream of the archive crop in Leeds! 

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