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Ex UK celebrity photo agency boss confirms U.S. citizenship

Owen last week: “Today I am officially an American” 

Congrats this week to ex WENN photo agency boss Owen Beiny who we last reported had left the agency to start a new business – Owen is now a US citizen.

PAN caught up with Owen from his base in West Hollywood, Los Angeles to see how his business The Points Partner has grown over the last couple of years he told us: “The Points Partner is going great ! …The perfect pivot from Paparazzi to Points ! “

• Here’s how The Points Partner works: You send Owen your credit card statements from the previous month, he does all the math & runs them through his algorithm. He then designs a mathematical path for you to fly for free in business class by changing your credit cards and teaching you his method of transferring the points around to increase the value. 

Owen told us: “On a daily basis I am changing peoples lives and helping them fly in business class for free using their points efficiently. The same celebrities that used to hate me for taking photos of them, now come to me to help them fly around the world.” One a-lister (unnamed) said “I used to have to hide from Owen and his team just get through an airport without my picture being taken. Now I can’t even go to the airport without Owen …LOL.” 


  • I used his Services  – its amazing…. I literally now fly for free

  • Well done sir! Having you in my corner has changed my world – who would have thought learning how to spend my money would change how I fly and how much value I get from having credit cards…. it’s like a secret game not everyone knows about

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