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Fleet Street photographer Matt Carrington dies aged 44

↑ Matt Carrington © Nate Jones

British photographer Matt Carrington has died this morning in Florida. Matt made an announcement on Facebook last week saying he had been diagnosed with terminal liver disease. He was 44 years old.

This in from Kevin Smith, founder of Splash News: “Splash was very proud to have had Matt Carrington on its staff. He was a dapper London gent, who brought a cool calmness into what was a frenetic world, quietly getting the job done.
He liked a drink – no secret there – but he was often the first through the door the next morning, his tailored smart jacket on the back of his chair and Chelsea boots under the desk speaking softly into his phone to Fleet Street long before others were able to raise out of their beds.

A former photographer who really had been there and done it before, his experience meant he couldn’t be blagged, and the younger photographers had a huge respect for him.
In a trade populated by many rogues and scallywags, he brought a sense of class and trustworthiness.

So long Matt, it was great to have known you.”

Kevin Smith.

↑ From left – Splash head of news Paul Tetley, head of US sales Jennie White, Maria Smith, Kevin Smith and Matt at the wedding of Splash Australia’s Rob Henderson in Vegas 2004. Photo supplied

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This in from Jason Mitchell at HEADLINEPHOTO: “After turning freelance after three years as a staff photographer I first met Matt at the Daily Star in 1997. Matt would always spend time to scan in my negs and generally push me in the right direction. Socially the time spent with Matt in London and LA was fantastic and the social scene was par for the course. Our last conversation was in August and Matt was bright and cheerful as ever and just loved this business. You could always rely on Matt to cheer you up whether business or social. Matt will be very much missed. THERE IS ONLY ONE MATT CARRINGTON…………..”

HAWAII, November, 2005. Hawaii, Hotel and General GV's. Will Binns
This in from Photo Journalist Will Binns who sent the photo above ↑: Matt Carrington & Will Binns enjoying a Hawaiian Cocktail while sporting a pair of loud Hawaii Aloha Shirts… We were setting up PCN’s Hawaii operation in Christmas 2005. Cheers mate. R.I.P Matt!

left: Matt in action in 2008 on a PCN tennis event. Photo supplied by Paul Harris
This in from from Paul Harris at Pacific Coast News: “I employed Matt for about 5 years at Pacific Coast News, 2004 to late 2009.

So during those years I got to know him very well, he really was a great guy and had talents that are rapidly disappearing in the tabloid World of journalism, he was passionate about his work, his commitment and photographers.
However when he started at 18 on the Daily Star in the UK it would have been hard to avoid the hard working, hard drinking lifestyle of Fleet Street in those days, it was magical, I was based in the USA and would visit Fleet Street 2 times a year , visit the desks, early morning pint, lunch with much wine and beer, a 6 pm drink that could carry on late but always perhaps a breaking news emergency that meant a return to the office and the desk, they where incredible days, Matt was in the thick of it, operating with the best.
I think after that he went to Big Pictures in New York and then Splash, I really did not see him again until 2004, he was a great asset to our company and will be sadly missed on many levels, we have never found a replacement for him.

Below is what I put on his page, I also attach a photo from November 2008, when he worked for Pacific Coast News we used to have Tennis Wednesdays !!”
‘Matt, life is not fair, i remember seeing you for the first time in the 80’s, Fleet Street, sitting next to Bert Reavly on a picture desk, wow you where cool, two decades went by during which you lived life large and ended up in America, you helped so many people in this exclusive journalistic club of wannabes but you where the real deal, your a legend and it makes me so sad to hear this news but i will remember the great times, i hope you do as well, you where a great person to know, way to young for this to happen, life is not fair.’
Paul Harris

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Gareth Thomas at Lensology has sent the images of Matt below with a message:
“Lovely Matt….missed to this day and beyond.”











“Lovely Matt….missed to this day and beyond.”  – Gareth Thomas