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Flora Press now manages Teubner Foodfoto

Garden stock photo agency Flora Press in Hamburg, Germany is taking over the management of Berlin based food stock agency Teubner Foodfoto.

Flora Press who already has four specialist photo collections in Germany and one in the UK is continuing to buck the ‘crisis’ in the stock photo industry with continuous growth of it’s businesses. They took over UK based The Garden Collection agency in 2015.

• Flora Press was founded 25 years ago and, with its own photo production in the decorative area, was initially purely a distribution for the company’s own photos.

In a message to PAN – Christoph Teubner of Teubner Foodfoto said:
“I am very happy to announce the cooperation between the Teubner Archive and the Flora Press photo agency in Hamburg.
I would like to invite you all today to continue to use the Teubner Archive offer and to register with Flora Press because with today’s entry into force the online presence of Teubner Foodfoto will be managed by Flora Press in Hamburg.
For you, this means one thing above all: everything stays the same. The Teubner Foodfoto archive can still be accessed at with well over 10,000 images.
What is changing: Recipes as PDF texts are now also available online Login via Flora Press login (if already available) or by new registration Access to the entire range of Flora Press and Teubner Archive with a password Sending specimen copies for downloads to the address of Flora Press from February 13th, 2020 Payment or fee settlement to Flora Press for all downloads from February 13th, 2020.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and successful New Year and remain with kind regards, Christoph Teubner.”

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