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Footage stock agency Reelin’ In The Years now offers photos – music artists 50’s – 2000’s

After decades of exclusively dealing with music industry footage Reelin’ In The Years have expanded their business to include photos – ‘strictly pertaining to music-related artists’.
The agency is currently working on the photo archive database and will make a formal announcement in the coming weeks.

They say: ‘As many of you who have licensed footage from us in the past know, for 20-plus years we have built up the world’s largest archive of music footage and have been a leading source in the industry for that type of footage. Over that time we’ve been asked to represent music-related photos and always turned it down as we felt that we should stay focused on footage. However, our views recently changed when we were offered a number of stunning photo archives to represent and suddenly we realized how foolish we were by not licensing photos as well. Because of our vast knowledge of music and the size of our archive, we are in a unique place to offer both footage and photos where others in this industry cannot offer both simultaneously with the same size and scope.’ …Of course, our rates will be fair and competitive with other photo libraries.’
‘The photo archive is quite extensive, spanning the 1950s – 2000s but that will be growing rapidly as we are adding more and more images from world-class photographers, this – along with over 30,000 hours of music footage – will make us your one-stop shop for both moving and still images of music artists.’


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