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Fotofringe 2014: David Harrigan Head of Visual Content, Microsoft Devices – ‘I will be bringing my team with me again this year’

Great note in from reader David Harrigan who attended fotofringe last year with his team from Nokia but this year will be attending as Head of Visual Content, Microsoft Devices. – Microsoft have bought Nokia

‘Will, it was great talking with you on Friday about Fotofringe and for you to extend an invite to attend the event to both myself and my team.

Last Year I decided to take my team from Nokia along with me to to Fotofringe to give them a taste of what the Stock Imagery business is all about. Having myself attended CEPIC a number of times over the years, what I especially like about Fotofringe is its relaxed nature and informality in its approach to conducting business. My team found it an incredibly creative day out, a unique opportunity to see so much creativity all under one roof, with business being conducted in such a professional and yet informal and social manner. The Imagery licensing industry is one that has been through some immense changes, and faced many changes in the past few years and it is refreshing to see at such an event as Fotofringe an entire creative community pulling together to celebrate the rich imagery and creativity that we have to offer as a collective body.

I for one am immensely looking forward to this years event, to catch up with some old friends, to meet some new ones but most of all to be able to experience first hand the depth of creativity that Fotofringe exhibits across its three floors of social business making at it best and warmest.

I will be bringing my team with me again this year as they all found it an incredibly refreshing and visually rewarding day out last year and it is an event already in our schedules.


David Harrigan
Head of Visual Content
Integrated Design and Strategy
Microsoft Devices Group

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