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FotoFringe London – Picture Buyers & Photo Libraries Connected

Alan Smith, Managing Partner, TopFoto, and CEPIC President 1997-2009 said: “12 years of working with the Cepic Congress has taught me to appreciate the effort that goes into having a show that seems an effortless success. Will Carleton of as Media Partner got the word out early and kept at it and the fast, fair and informative organisation of the Topfoto team led by Flora Smith (relation) had only praise from everybody.
All I did was to find the venue when visiting the Guardian and sense that the Cepic tables-only formula was what the mature UK picture users wanted. We had the unusual pleasure of selling out space 4 times as rooms became successively available but the usual tension of would picture users come? On the day, the answer was a resounding yes and the low cost level playing field concept was welcomed by all for enabling a meeting of minds rather than a clash of overselling.
fotofringe London was a not-for-profit event aided by generous help from who underpin much of all our marketing efforts. Any positive margin will be distributed to exhibitors and any shortfall will be covered by”
✮ Visitor quotes:
“Terrific event, you did so well, sorry I could not stay longer!” Alan Sparrow Executive Picture Editor, Metro Newspaper
“The FotoFringe was great, I’m sure you were pleased. Everyone had very positive comments and of course the venue was a real find” Joanne King Picture Researcher
‘Excellent choice of venue with an impressive range of exhibitors. Great to be able to catch up with old faces and make new acquaintances – the format seemed to encourage more intimate and friendly interactions and the vibe was very positive.’ Ned Coomes Media Researcher | Design & Media | Learning Technologies Group Pearson UK
Just left the fotofringe event in London, what a great day. Good to see so many fab picture libraries with so much to offer! Charly Ford via Twitter
✮ Exhibitor quotes:
“Thought that the niche agencies were alive and kicking today, great vibe” Mark Leech Offside Sports Photography
“We thought the format worked really well, encouraging clients to sit and talk in depth while keeping costs and preparation time down for the agencies. The standard of visitors was very high and we only had one photographer (who, to be fair, wanted to discuss the state of the industry rather than submit pictures) and one person trying to sell us something, which allowed us time to focus on clients. The whole event had a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Only slight criticism was that it ended too early – the last half hour was the busiest time of the day and I think we could have sustained interest until at least 6pm. We would certainly consider taking part in a similar event next year.” Steve Lake 4Corners Images
There was no BAPLA Picture Buyers’ Fair this year. The lovely and redoubtable Flora Smith of Topfoto decided to do something about it…..Read on fotoLibrara blog
“Had a really productive day at #Fotofringe yesterday – lovely to put names to faces & catch up with clients. Impressed with @KingsPlace too!” Nick King via Twitter
“Team Mirrorpix had a great day at #fotofringe yesterday meeting and mingling with both old and new faces.” MirrorPix team via Twitter
9.30am and getting busy
I see picture buyers
Thanks Gwyn… now back to that picture buyer!
Elbie on the move again!
Team Mary Evans
“I CAN cook!” – Stuart at Photo Cuisine
Flora and Emily welcome Picture Buyers
Joe – is that another Splash exclusive just dropping in on that screen?!
Kings Place interior
Battlebridge Room Terrace
A busy Battlebridge Room
Towards the Battlebridge Room Terrace
Staying calm and Carrying on!
It all worked out rather well…
A huge thanks to fotofringe photographers:
Piwko/Topfoto & Marie-Louise Avery
fotofringe website: