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FotoFringe London Update: Latest Exhibiting Photo Libraries + Registrations ‘Pour In’

fotofringe London (9am-5pm on Thursday 26 April 2012) Update
Flora Smith, fotofringe organiser told this morning: “I am delighted to see almost double the number of picture libraries and agencies represented at fotofringe 2012. Resulting in a huge range of image subjects being covered.”
Registrations for the day continue to pour in. Having picked up on the success of last year, the majority of first-time registrations are now coming from senior picture users – Art/Creative Directors, Picture Editors, Art Editors, Senior Designers & Editors, and closely followed by savvy freelance picture researchers, many of whom attended last year.”
Entry is free for picture users. Register to attend now!

The Ancient Art & Architecture Collection; EWA Stock; Cody Images; British Museum Images; Phototake now join 4Corners Images; AKG Images; Alamy; Ancient Art & Architecture Collection; Arcaid Images; Arcticphoto; Ardea; Arenapal; Art Archive/Kobal; AWL Images; Bridgeman Art Library; British Library Images Online; British Museum Images; Camera Press; Cody Images; Collections; Colorsport; Corbis; Country Life; Ecoscene; Education Photos; EWA Stock; Eye Ubiquitous; FLPA; Flowerphotos; Fotolibra; GAP Interiors; GAP Photo; The Garden Collection; Garden World Images; Global Warming Images;
Homer Sykes My British Archive; Ikon Images; Image Source; Images-4; IPC Syndication; LatitudeStock; Lebrecht Music & Arts; Living4Media; Lonely Planet Images; Loupe Images; Magnum; Majority World; Mary Evans Picture Library; Mirrorpix; National Geographic; Nature Picture Library; NI Syndication; Offside Sports Photography; PhotoCuisine; Photoshot; Phototake; Plainpicture; PPL Media; Rex Features; RHS Images; RIA Novosti; Robana Picture Library; Robert Harding; Ronald Grant Archive; RSPB Nature & Wildlife Images; Science Photo Library; Science & Society; Scope Features and Beauty; SkyScan; Specialist Stock; Steve Bloom Images; Stockfood; Superstock;; VIEW Pictures; Wellcome Images; WENN Ltd; Werner Forman Archive; Writer Pictures.

fotofringe works brilliantly allowing visiting picture-users to sit with the agencies at their tables and talk to the key people. No time-wasting and no overload. is Media Partner to fotofringe London 2012