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From The Archives: Mirrorpix – General Strike 1926

UK photo library Mirropix are online with a selection of images from the 1926 General Strike.
Caption reads: ‘The national dispute came about after negotiations between the miners and mine owners failed over wages and the strike began on 3 May 1926. Millions obeyed the strike call bringing transport systems to a halt while newspapers were not printed. The government responding by using volunteers to run trains and buses and sent in troops to move supplies from the London docks. There were clashes between police and crowds in many areas and at least 4000 strikers were arrested. There were attacks on buses and trains including the derailing of the Flying Scotsman. The strike was called off unilaterally by the TUC on 12 May with no guarantees of fair treatment for the miners who fought on to bitter defeat in October. 4th May 1926’.