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Glass plate mono negative

World’s largest process camera for colour work runs on railtrack.
Occupies two rooms, worked by electricity.
A giant process camera for colour work, believed to be the world’s largest, has been installed in Cleveland, Ohio.
Costing £5000, the camera is so large that it occupies two rooms. The ground glass screen for focusing is in one room and the rest of the camera and the other.
The electrically operated Bellows run on a track wider than a standard gauge railway.
The play used is 5 ft.¬≤ and is placed in position by electricity. The camera Bellows measures 5 feet, 10″ x 5′ 6 inches, and can be expanded 20 feet.
Even the lens weighs 25 pounds and is 8 inches long.
Gravure screens used in the colour work measure 5’2″ by 4’2″ and have 150 lines to the square inch.