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Getty Images partners in-image ad developer Znaptag

Getty Images has teamed up with Znaptag an in-image ad network for premium brands and publishers. The global collaboration gives Znaptag access to Getty Images’ vast catalogue of images and the associated information on what’s depicted.
They say: The image information will be used by Znaptag to enable brands to get access to new prime advertising real estate (in-image ads) while ensuring brand safety and contextuality, and publishers to monetize their image content in an effective and non-intrusive way.
“New ad formats and technologies are required to further spur online ad growth,” says Miki Momen, CEO and co-founder of Znaptag, “and our acclaimed platform can serve a wide variety of in-image ad formats ranging from animated rich media ads to action triggered interactive tags.”
Mr Momén continues: “The right ad at the right place is what all marketers are looking for and Znaptag can cater to this wish in a big way. By placing ads inside images, brands get to put their message directly where the audience is looking – the engagement rate for contextually relevant in-image ads are far superior to any other placement when done correctly. Within two years’ time we are certain that marketers have realized that in-image ads should be a significant part of every online budget.”
Vinay Solanki, Director, Business Development, Getty Images says: “Getty Images is excited to be working with Znaptag by offering our metadata to target a very novel approach to advertising using our content to provide publishers with new revenue streams.”

• Notes: Znaptag AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is an advertising network for premium brands and premium publishers. ‘We turn static digital photos into vehicles for audience engagement, enhanced visitor experience and contextual advertising.’