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Getty Images signs strategic image content syndication agreement with crowd-source platform

NewzuluONPAN GettyImagesonPAN
It’s been a busy week so far over at Getty Images central – another announcement just in has them ramping up their citizen-journalism image content by signing a strategic partnership and content syndication agreement with Newzulu. Newzulu is a news platform with a community of over 100,000 professional and citizen journalists that allows anybody, anywhere, with a smart phone and a story, to share news, get published and get paid. Headquartered in Paris, Newzulu operates bureaus in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney and Perth.
The partnership will include the creation of the Newzulu Collection on the Getty Images site, which will make Newzulu’s high-quality, crowd-sourced content available to Getty Images’ global customer base of more than 1.5 million media, creative and commercial customers, with a focus on the USA and other territories worldwide.

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