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Go See: Shirley Baker exhibition in association with Mary Evans Picture Library

Skipping in the street - Manchester 1968
Photo: Two smiling girls (aided by an old man) play skipping on a deserted Manchester street, strewn with toys and little children. An evocative view of 60s England with terraced housing, close-knit communities, the local cornershop and not a car in sight! Photograph by Shirley Baker Date: 1968

this in from Paul Brown, MD at Mary Evans who represent Shirley’s work for license
Hi Will,
Just giving you the heads up on a new exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery by one of our contributors, Shirley Baker, who sadly passed away recently. This is a great opportunity to celebrate her photography, her life and the amazing view she had of life around where she lived in the 1960s. The exhibition which is in association with Mary Evans Picture Library who is helping sponsor it, runs until 20th September.