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UPDATED: Image Request: Margaret/Mark Thatcher and More

May 15
The PAN shout-out resulted in the researcher getting the image request below (May 9) and the images licensed!
New request from the same company: We are also searching for newspaper articles (probably tabloid) from the period in which Mark Thatcher went missing (12th-15th Jan 1982) along the following lines:

1.) Any articles with Margaret Thatcher stating she is willing to spend money / as much as necessary to find her son
2.) Any articles reporting Mark’s discovery WITH a photo of him in the article. (date: 15th June 1982)

We are also looking for any photos or newspaper/magazine articles about Cecilia Sarkozy who went to the airport in May (either 20th or 15th May)
to meet Richard Attias. Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly drove there in an official car (he was Interior Minister at the time) with sirens blaring.

email for the researchers details

May 9
This in from a picture researcher..
Dear Will,

I work for a Japanese TV company based in London. I am currently working on a relatively new production on the Thatcher family. For this, I am looking for a photo of Margaret Thatcher looking distraught or devastated (possibly weeping) when Mark went missing in the rally on Sahara desert in 1982 January.

Do you hold any photos of this to license?

email for the researchers details