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Update – Image search for licensing: 17 historical people 1789 – 1984

Almost there on this search – a few more names to go – let me know if you have not already sent images – thanks!

This is a paid-for image search request on PAN from an advertising agency looking for images and illustrations to license as listed below.
Scans, links and lightboxes to please.

Fanny Eaton1835-1925Model and muse to pre Raphaelite artists, whose paintings challenged the London art scene’s perception of beauty.
Alice Kinloch1852-1915Unified voices of the Black community and founded the African Association.
Olive Morris1952-1979Activist, feminist, Black nationalist and squatters’ rights campaigner.
Lilian Bader1918-2015One of the most influential Black women in WW2.
J.S. Celestine Edwards1858-1894First known Black British editor and founder of the anti-racist magazine, Fraternity.
HUBERT ‘BARON’ BAKER1925-1996Known as “The man who discovered Brixton” due to his role in assisting many Caribbean settlers in the area.
Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson1914-1941Kept the British public entertained during WW2 and died while performing on stage during the Blitz.
William Brown1815Became the first woman to serve in the Royal Navy when she disguised herself as a man. Her true identity is unknown.
KATHLEEN WRASAMA1917-unknownRace relations pioneer whose organisation helped with education and housing for Black Britons after WW2.
George Bridgetower1778-1860Virtuoso Violinist, who performed alongside Beethoven and was employed by King George IV to play in his orchestra.
Val Mccalla1943-2002A voice for the British African-Caribbean community and founder of The Voice newspaper.
Ethel Scott1907-1984First Black woman to represent Great Britain in international athletics and held a sprint time equal to the British record holder.
Frank Arthur Bailey1925-2015First Black fireman in Britain, who dedicated his life to youth and social work.
Lincoln ‘Len’ Dyke1926-2006Helped establish Britain’s first credit union and pioneered Britain’s Black hair care and beauty industry.
Sarah Baartman1789-1815Victim of commodification in 19th-century Europe due to objectification of her buttocks, leading to future corset designs accentuating the buttocks.
Lapido Solanke1886-1958Challenged the Western perceptions of Nigeria and brought attention to the language of Yoruba and Nigerian culture.
Amy Jaques Garvey1895-1973Journalism and publishing pioneer. Forward thinking political figure, who convinced U.N. representatives to adopt the African Freedom Charter.

This is a paid-for request on PAN from a London adverting agency looking for images and illustration of theses historical people to license for a client project – answers and light boxes to please.

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