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Are the images on your website copyright correct?

• Here at PAN I am hearing from an increasing number of non-industry readers who ‘stumble’ across our industry looking for help on everything from understanding licensing through to sourcing images  – these range from companies and brands to individuals  – so I will be starting to post articles and tools relevant to them:

Are the images on your website copyright correct?

We do not wish to alarm you, we just want to ensure you have a good website free from any potential conflict and possible expensive claims on images used.

The license holder, whether this is a photo library or an individual, is entitled to expect recognition of their work and can ask the image to be removed. If the art work is a licensed image a fee can also be expected for the use of that image.
This fee may be back dated from the original date of use and ‘penalty’ fees may also be charged for using the image without the permission of the license holder. In the digital age, ignorance is not bliss. Simply not knowing that the image was licensed is no longer an acceptable excuse. If there is no way of knowing a license existed, then the image should not be used. You may have left the sourcing and use of images on your website to a web designer. However under UK copyright law final responsibility for any art work used on a site lies with the site owner and not the designer who created the site.

We always take the following steps to ensure a pain free process of checking your website for potential problems:

1     A full review of the site page by page.

2     Full notes provided on where images are used.

3     Highlight any images which require a licence.

4     A recommended course of action to be taken by the website owner.

Result A worry free website still looking fantastic, but free from unlicensed images.
Prices start at £299.00
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