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Industry first: News photographers cash in photo royalties immediately with Mega ‘Cash Out’


The second announcement  in a week here for photographers signed up to The Mega Agency  – in what appears to be an industry-first – they can now collect their royalty fee as soon as an image is licensed to select Mega customers.
‘Kevin Smith, Mega’s President and founder told PAN: “The Mega Agency is determined to tear up tired, outdated systems within the content licensing industry,”  Mega’s cash-out system means contributors no longer have to wait until the end of the month before receiving a check in the mail or a wire transfer. Even the current, supposed, leaders in the industry have what we believe to be outdated ways of processing mass payments and sending old fashioned sales reports. With our highly scalable system, contributors can gain access to what we have coined the “Mega Bank” and dictate exactly how and when they wish to get paid. “A photographer who has a piece of premium exclusive content can now submit it to Mega and get paid out for their work almost immediately.”

The magic for photographers and videographers all happens via the Mega website and will be available via the Mega App – soon we are told, … And, to keep the system smooth the agency partnered with Los Angeles-based Exactuals, a provider of an innovative SaaS platform for complex payments – their  CEO, Mike Hurst to PAN: “Mega is setting the tone for the next 20 years in professional photography and Exactuals is thrilled to partner with its visionary leadership team,”


Mega’s CEO Tramborg buzzed PAN last night for a chirpy pre-launch chat telling us ….”We experienced rapid growth since our official launch in November with hundreds of freelance photographers signed up and now using our platform, Mega strives to bring speed, transparency and technological innovation to our photographers and we are very pleased that the time has now come to share some our developments. In a world where many photographers still receive their sales report in an envelope on a monthly basis, this is truly a quantum leap offering a speedy, flexible and transparent payment solution to photographers”

Tom, we hear the beard has gone for the summer …new photo please!



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