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Interview: Robert Harding On Buying Photo Agency Specialist Stock

In March this year travel stock photo specialist Robert Harding World Imagery acquired Specialist Stock, one of the world’s foremost environmental image and footage collections.
Owner Robert Harding has posted a ‘Founders Focus’ Q&A explaining the library’s move into footage

….How was it formed? It was set up by environmental photographer and cameraman Tom Walmsley, who formed a collection of underwater material called Splashdown Direct. He later decided to expand it into a more complete archive around the theme of the environment, and Specialist Stock was born. He wanted to add different collections so he got agencies and archives around the world to contribute to it.

What set it apart from other agencies? Its speciality – it specialises in the environment through science, society and the natural world and it is one of the world leaders on green content. It gets a lot of requests from clients like NGOs and the UN.

What was your motivation for acquiring Specialist Stock? Two reasons really…..
….Read the full report here