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Jukin delivers $1M Royalty Payments in Q1 2020 as COVID creates demand

The media company paid $1M in Royalty Payments in Q1 2020 as advertisers and producers adjusted to the new normal

User generated content footage agency Jukin Media has now paid out more than $25M in royalty payments to everyday video creators who have captured something remarkable on camera.  – see the library – $1M of that over Q1 and COVID.

They say: ‘As the global pandemic has slowed the entertainment industry to a halt, Jukin has been a go-to resource for producers of TV shows and commercials as user-generated content (UGC) can be used to create shows and commercials without the need for physical production. Since March, Jukin has added more than 650 videos that were filmed in quarantine to their extensive video library and have licensed more than 400 of those clips to advertisers and TV producers.’

“It’s a tremendous honor and a pleasure that we’ve surpassed the $25 Million milestone for royalty payments to everyday video owners that have signed with Jukin Media,” said Lee Essner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Jukin Media. “Especially during these trying times, we’re thrilled that we’re able to help create a passive income stream for our video partners all over the world.” 

• The LA-based digital media company, which represents footage from more than 50,000 people across the globe, discovers compelling video content filmed on cell phones and other personal devices; Jukin then enters into agreements with the rightful owners of those videos, and finally, it licenses those videos out to its global client roster of companies in TV, advertising, and digital publishing.

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