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Ken Kobre: ‘new period of photojournalism’

Ken Kobre from Türkiye'de Zaman/Time in Turkey on Vimeo.

Time In Turkey say: ‘Ken Kobre, San Francisco State University faculty member and writer of Photojournalism and Videojournalism books, says people mostly want to believe what they see and this lights the way of journalism and photojournalism. Kobre asserts “Photojournalism is in golden age” and says “Although the number of amateur photographer rises, to go to the places where is hard, meet people which is hard, and pass it to the reader is another work.” Kobre also notices with audio and image, a new period of time started at photojournalism.’
About Time In Turkey: The Zaman daily is crowning its 25-year journey with a project that is the most comprehensive work of photography ever launched in Turkey. Within the project, titled “Türkiye’de Zaman”/Time in Turkey, our newspaper invited 25 world renowned photographers to tell stories in photos that reflect life and issues unique to Turkey from their particular points of view. These masters of photography, who have recorded sorrow, joy and the hope of people in their own style and language in various places and hotspots of the world, under sometimes difficult conditions, and whose works are published in internationally prestigious publications, came together for the big “photo of Turkey” for Zaman. The photographers travelled throughout Anatolia, the cradle of many civilizations.