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Last Chance: Submissions – Review of the EU copyright rules – A BAPLA guideline

UPDATED: new deadline announced over the weekend: 5 March.

This in from BAPLA:
Hi Will,
We’ve finally finished writing up a summary and simply guideline to make it easier for as many people to send in submissions by the Wednesday 5th March deadline.

Probably the most important consultation affecting each and every creative industry person. The EU Parliamentarians have decided to take a long hard look at UK copyright law after heavy campaigning by those that are intent on weakening EU copyright law. They have issued a consolation paper with a deadline of Wednesday 5th February, and already has 3,000 submissions (not all copyright fans)

BAPLA are amongst several groups which have collectively launched a campaign to ask as many people in the creative industry to answer some of the most critical questions, and have asked that everyone is alerted to it. They have provided a summary and simple guideline of the most decisive questions that will impact on the creative industry.
Read on here for the BAPLA guideline
Go straight to the Public Consultation form