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Launched: Noor Film – ‘photojournalists, filmmakers and authors are our new sentinels’

Photo agency Noor is partnering documentary news agency Upfront to launch a ‘new innovative platform that will produce short & long feature films, series and documentaries’ – Noor Film.

They say:
Upfront founder Lucas Menget states about the new collaboration: “NOOR photojournalists, filmmakers and authors are our new sentinels. For years, they have been working on issues like climate change, refugee crisis, identity and gender, before they became breaking news. Together, we want to tell compelling and human stories of women and men confronted by fierce social changes. Our storytelling for a wide digital distribution will be strong and innovative.”

NOOR’s Managing Director Clement Saccomani on the launch:  “Today, we believe that video, moving images and documentary pieces will allow us to reach a new and larger audience. UPFRONT will help us confront the dominant narrative using visual storytelling with integrity and passion. NOOR exists to inspire empathy and action”


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