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Launched: PantherMedia Premium Collection

Munich based RF photo agency PantherMedia have launched a Premium Collection – special interest images like architecture, food, ecology and sustainability as well as people and lifestlye. Only a handful of producers were nominated to contribute to this collection, and only the best images from their archive were selected for the submission.
They Say: This Collection is geared towards a small circle of customers with a need for extremely high quality images. „These are rare and eccentric images that will only be chosen for exclusive projects“, explains Johanna Knauer, responsible art director at PantherMedia. „It is not only the extremely costly production and intentional focus on special interest topics that differentiate these images from our archive, but the mostly fresh and modern picture language, far away from the classic commercial imagery“. Consequently, the licensing fee is set apart from the microstock licensing fees. All images are available on invoice or via credits, but not within a subscription plan.